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You are visiting visitor and you want to discover the Cathedral...

The volunteers of the Association CASA, in the service of the Cathedral, offer you daily visits in different languages to discover Notre-Dame de Paris, rich of nine centuries of history, manifest of Christian art, receptacle of the sentences and joys of the men and women of yesterday and today, the place of a constantly renewed fervor...


Calendar of upcoming tours

The calendar of upcoming visits, updated in real time, is available below.

Visits are without reservation. The meeting place is located at the bottom of the Cathedral, under the great organ. The waiting time to enter the Cathedral varies greatly depending on the times and times of the year, so it is advisable to arrive in advance.


Who we are...

Founded more than fifty years ago, the Association CASA is solicited by the clergy in many churches in France to ensure a reception of visitors who allow them both to be informed of the history, the architecture and the décor of these monuments, and to understand the Christian meaning.

At Notre-Dame de Paris a hundred volunteers are trained rigorously in order to offer quality visits in several languages.

Continuing education is one of the cornerstones of our business, with about ten annual lectures given by academics or from extensive personal research. Training sessions in situ complement this device.

Becoming real lovers of the Cathedral, some members of our team have been led to undertake research, for some in master or doctorate, and to participate in the most recent and most prestigious publications on the Cathedral.


How long for a visit

There is no fixed duration for a visit; It is tailored to the needs and desires of the Group of visitors. However, the influx of visitors present in the building complicates the movement in the Church, which makes it necessary at least one hour of visit to have an overall approach to the place.

It is also reasonable to plan to spend an hour and an hour and a half at Notre-Dame. If you do not have this time, do not hesitate to follow the beginning of the visit while preventing the guide that you will be led to Eclipse you along the way.


How much does a visit cost

Visits being given by volunteers are not paid. However, some visitors have the heart to thank their guide by leaving a few euros: know that all gestures of support are fully donated to the Association CASA, allowing it to ensure its functioning. Our Association lives on donations: do not hesitate to support us at the end of the time spent together!


You come as a group (excluding school group)

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