Practical information

The Cathedral is closed.

The Cathedral of Notre-Dame de Paris is a Catholic church.

A Cathedral of art and history

The Treasure

The "Treasure of the Cathedral" contains various objects of interest, mainly pieces of silverware, liturgical ornaments, ancient works, elements from the ancient treasure of the Holy Chapel, documents relating to the Restoration of the cathedral in the nineteenth century and some personalities, including Paul Claudel, who were marked by Notre-Dame de Paris.

The Towers

The circuit of the tours of Notre-Dame makes it possible to visit all the high parts of the western facade dating from the 13th century, to contemplate the gargoyles and the chimeric sculptures built by the nineteenth century and the bumblebee Of the seventeenth century.

The Crypt

The archaeological crypt under the forecourt of Notre-Dame de Paris was set up to protect the vestiges discovered during the excavations carried out from 1965, by the Commission of Old Paris (Department of History of Architecture and archaeology). This space opened its doors in 1980 with the aim of presenting the elements of the buildings that took place on the site of antiquity in the nineteenth century.

Unusual information

Did you know that there are bees at Notre Dame? To go further, discover all the unusual information that the cathedral hides!

Light a candle at Notre-Dame