Prayer vigil for life
published on 12/05/2018

Like every year, the dioceses of île-de-France organise a great prayer vigil for life in Notre-Dame de Paris. All the bishops entrust each other in prayer to work ever more in favor of respect for human life (beginning and end of life, handicap, exclusion of the weakest, the older, the sick...).

This year, the 10th prayer vigil for life will have a special dimension, due to the debates related to the States General of bioethics and the revision of the laws that follow.

This is why all the Bishops of île-de-France are mobilising in a short video. They are questioning us:

« Medical techniques and biotechnology provide tremendous opportunities, they also pose questions, which we must look to face.  »

« How can we encourage respect for human beings in all circumstances in their dignity and vulnerability, and how can we avoid the risk of making humans according to our desires? »

«  Will we be willing to remain present to people and help each other in painful situations? »

«  We dare to believe that a brotherly world is possible "






Light a candle at Notre-Dame