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Sunday 1st and Monday 2nd November : All the schedules of the offices and events in Notre-Dame de Paris around the solemnity of all the Saints and the commemoration of all the deceased faithful.

~ Solemnity ~ All ~ Saints ~ (November 1) and ~ ~ All ~ Faithful ~ deceased ~ (November 2)

Solemnity of all Saints

On November 1, Catholics celebrate All Saints, known and unknown. Toussaint expresses Christian joy and hope: It reminds everyone that it is personally called to holiness, like the Saints celebrated this day. Their holiness is not the perfection of a moral code but the perfection of love, for God and the next, a love capable of transfiguring existence and the world. This holiness is not the privilege of a few but the vocation of all.

All together, let us rejoice in the Lord, celebrating this feast day in honor of all the Saints. The angels rejoice with us from this feast; They glorify the son of God.
(Opening of All Saints)

[...] Today we celebrate the city of heaven, our mother the Jerusalem from above; This is where our brethren the Saints, already gathered, sing endless praise. And we who walk towards it by the path of faith, we hastens the step, joyful to know in the light those children of our church that you give us as an example.
(Preface of All Saints)

Blessed are the pure hearts: they will see God!
Blessed are the peacemakers: they will be called Sons of God!
Blessed are those who are persecuted for righteousness: The Kingdom of Heaven is theirs!

(Matthew 5, 8-10. of communion)



17h45 : First Vespers of All Saints Day, chaired by Mgr Patrick JACQUIN, Rector-Archpriest of the Cathedral
18h30 : Mass of the solemnity of all Saints presided over by Mgr. Patrick JACQUIN, Rector-Archpriest of the Cathedral.

Grand-orgue, Jean-Pierre Leguay; Choir organ, Yves Castagnet


Sunday 1st November 2009:

8:30 : Mass
9:30 : Solemn Laudes
10:00 : Gregorian Mass
Master's degree Notre-Dame de Paris, adult choir, direction Sylvain Dini
11:30 : Solemn Mass
Master's degree Notre-Dame de Paris, adult choir, direction Lionel Sow
12:45 : Mass

16h15 : Organ audition by Jean-Pierre LEGUAY, Titular organist. On the programme: two short pieces extracted from At the foot of the altar And Fantasy in a minor of ROPARTZ, Three pieces Opus VII (stepLamentoToccata) by BARIÉ, improvisation by Jean-Pierre LEGUAY
17:00 : Intervention of Cardinal André VINGT-TROIS : review of the second special Assembly for Africa of the Synod of Bishops
18:00 : Solemn Vespers, in the presence, as every year, of more than a hundred banners depicting saints of all continents. Before this procession of saints will have crossed Paris.
18h30 : Solemn Mass, Broadcast on KTO, Catholic television.
Master's degree Notre-Dame de Paris, adult choir, direction Lionel Sow

Grand-orgue, Jean-Pierre Leguay; Choir organ, Yves Castagnet


Commemoration of all the faithful deceased

Every year, on November 2, the Catholic Church puts all the deceased at the heart of his prayer. This liturgical feast is both a day of remembrance and a day of intercession. Prayer for the dead belongs to the oldest Christian tradition. It is therefore natural that the day after the feast of those who entered into the sacred intimacy of God, our solicitude goes to our brethren who died in the hope of the resurrection and also embraces "all the dead whose only the Lord knows the Faith ».

To our departed brethren, grant, Lord, the eternal repose; and that shines in their eyes the light without decline.

Shine upon our brethren, Lord, thy eternal light; that they enter into joy in the company of the Saints, for you are good.
(Holding Communion)



8:00 : Mass
9:00 : Mass
12:00 : Mass

17h45 : Vespers of the deceased, retransmitted on KTO, Catholic television and radio Notre-Dame.
18:15 : Mass

Light a candle at Notre-Dame