Salve Regina

The most famous Antiennes directed to Mary...

The most famous Antiennes addressed to Mary. She is Queen of course, but the author Adhémar de Monteil, Bishop of Le Puy, in the 11th century, calls him as mother of mercy and her merciful eyes are turned towards us. In the 12Th century, Saint Bernard, the famous devotee of Notre Dame, added the last three invocations full of tenderness.

You can listen to the Antienne Salve Regina in its most usual version sung at Notre-Dame de Paris:


or in the Gregorian version performed by the choir of the master of the Cathedral under the direction of Denis Rouger:


Salve, Regína, Máter misericórdiæ
Víta, dulcédo, and SPEs nóstra, sálve.
Ad Te clamámus, execuules, fílii Hévæ.
Ad Te suspirámus, gementes and flentes
in HAC lacrimárum válle.
EIA ERGO, Advocáta nóstra,
íllos túos misericórdes óculos
Ad our convérte.
And Jésum, benedíctum frúctum Ventris túi,
nóbis post hoc exsílium osténde.
O Clemens, O pía, O dúlcis Vírgo María.

Hi, Queen, mother of mercy.
Life, sweetness, hope of men Hi!
Children of Eve, we cry out to thee in our exile.
To thee we sigh among the cries and the weeping
of this valley of tears
O you, our lawyer,
turns to us
your gaze full of goodness.
And show us Jesus the blessed fruit of your womb,
at the end of this exile.
O clemmente! Oh, good! O sweet Virgin Mary.

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