Regina Caeli

The most recent of the Marian Antiennes...

The most recent of the Marian Antiennes (14Th century) intended to complete the Office. During the Easter time, she no longer speaks of Valley of tears as in the Antienne Salve Regina but of resurrection and heaven, of which Mary is the Queen with her son (many sculptures and stained-glass Windows thus represent her in Notre-Dame de Paris).

You can listen to the Marian Antienne Regina Caeli Sung in the chorus of Notre-Dame:



Regína caéli, lætáre, Allelúia!
Quia quem meruísti portáre, Allelúia!
Resurrexit, sicut Dixit, Allelúia!
Ora pro nóbis Déum, Allelúia!

Queen of heaven, rejoice, Alleluia!
for the Lord whom thou hast worn, Alleluia!
risen as he had said, Alleluia!
Queen of heaven, pray to God for us, Alleluia!

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