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The great Gothic nave of Notre-Dame de Paris anchored on the banks of the Seine for more than eight centuries consists of prayers. This building, living by faith and prayer of the faithful, is entrusted with human and Christian experience wrote the Cardinal Lustiger. The swinging of the vaults and the arrow translates the movement of prayer, where the soul rises to the God who is spirit and love also wrote Cardinal Feltin [[Archbishop of Paris from 1949 to 1966]]. All is prayer in this high place of Christendom.

Then the prayers continually rise every day during the four daily masses, the six Sunday masses, the offices of Laudes and Vespers, the intentions of everyone, pilgrims, visitors, believers or not, men of goodwill, of all ages, of all conditions, of all nationalities, came to confide in Notre-Dame.


Today, you can also bring your stone to the building by depositing your intention at the foot of Notre-Dame through this website.
Your intention will be associated with those written by the thousands of pilgrims and visitors each day on the books of life at the foot of the statue of Notre-Dame de Paris and entrusted every evening, at the end of the last mass, to the Virgin Mary.

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