Seventh night of the witnesses
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The Friday, March 13 2015

Friday 13 March 2015 at 20:00

The EDA organizes the 7th edition of the night of the Witnesses Vigil of prayer and testimonies. The EDA invites great witnesses to honor the martyrs of the faith, priests, religious, religious and lay people who have lost their lives in recent months by Fidelity to Christ. During the night of the witnesses, they will give their testimony on the reality of the situation of Christians in their respective countries.

At Notre-Dame de Paris:
Friday, March 13th:
– 20:00: Prayer vigil
– 9.30 pm: Adoration

This year, four major witnesses will be present in Paris:
– Mgr Kaïgama, President of the Conference of Bishops of NIGERIA and Archbishop of Jos.
– Mgr Sleiman, Latin archbishop of Baghdad, Iraq
– Sister Hanan Youssef, nun in Lebanon in a Syrian refugee camp
– Father Luis Alvarez, priest of Colombia



I tell you that today there are more martyrs than in the early days of the church. Many of our brothers and sisters offer their testimony and are persecuted. "
Pape François


"Dedicating a day in the year to religious freedom is a sign of strong encouragement for all victims throughout the world." Today more than half of men live in a country of non-right freedom of freedoms, religious freedom. Representatives of persecuted religious communities will be present on the day of the Palm of liberty.
Marc Cheeser, director of the EDA


The EDA, helping the church in distress

Where does the aid to the church in distress come from (AED)?
International work of the Church, the EDA was founded in 1947 by Father Werenfried, a Dutch religious predeceased in January 2003, whose spiritual guidelines were written in July 2000.

What is his mission?
Thanks to its 17 donor countries, including France, the EDA intervenes in 140 countries to support the church. Its mission is to provide concrete assistance to persecuted, threatened or refugee Christians.

Is the church still in distress?
Yes, all over the world, in Asia, in Africa, in Latin America and even in Europe it is not always good to be a disciple of Christ!
In many countries today, religious freedom is threatened. Christians continue to be assassinated for their faith. Some are humiliated, treated unfairly, excluded from social and political life by discriminatory legislation. Others are threatened for defending the young and the poor. All these Christians form "The church in Distress".
With them, we hope against and against all that violence and hatred will not have the last word, but rather reconciliation and peace, gifts of the risen Christ.

Concretely what do you do?
We directly help those who are suffering or who are in need. For example, these some 19 000 seminarians and novices supported by the EDA each year in the world; These 800 priests, religious and religious who, thanks to scholarships, will in turn become trainers; Those communities oppressed or coming out of persecution and lacking everything; These thousands of priests who receive subsistence aid. But also, all these construction sites (chapels, seminars, convents...), not forgetting the aid to the motorisation, the Apostolate of the media, the dissemination of religious books.
Last year we had to refuse 2000 requests for help!

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Light a candle at Notre-Dame