"Salve Mater Salvatoris"
published on 22/03/2012 in 2012

Tuesday, April 17 2012 at 8:30 PM

Tuesday, April 17, 2012 at 8.30 pm

Gregorian chant and medieval music
– Vocal ensemble of Notre-Dame de Paris
– Direction, Sylvain DIEUDONNÉ



From the famous Gregorian hymn dedicated to Mary "star of the sea", this concert offers us a number of declinations testifying to all the richness and variety of medieval repertoires composed in the 12Th and 13Th centuries, time of the construction of Notre-Dame Cathedral. The superb Polyphonies of the school of Notre-Dame will alternate with more poetic pieces accompanied by medieval instruments made according to the iconography of the time.



Part 1
Hymn (Gregorian chant)
Ave husbands Stella
Motet with 3 voices (ARS Antiqua)
Ave husbands Stella
Prose (Adam of St. Victor)
O Maria, Stella Maris
Led to 3 (School of Notre-Dame)
Ave husbands Stella

Part 2
Cantiga de Santa Maria n ° 202
Muito a Santa Maria
Antienne (Gregorian chant)
Michi IBO
Prose (Adam of St. Victor)
Salve mater salvatoris
Rondeau (School of Notre-Dame)
Salva Nos Stella Maris

Part 3
Motet with 3 voices (ARS Antiqua)
Marie assumptio/Huius chori
Leads to 3 voices (Philippe Chancellor)
O Maria virginei
Led to 1 voice (Philippe Chancellor)
Beata viscera
Song (Gautier de Coincy)
Hear TUIT together
Royal stamp n ° 8
Glorious Virge
Motet with 3 voices (ARS Antiqua)
Dieus/O Regina/nobis concedas
Song (Gautier de Coincy)
Hui morning has the openday
ORGANUM of the school of Notre-Dame
Terminologies Domino


Practical information

Cost participation: €18
All discounts: €10
On proof: job seekers, school groups up to 18 years, students, more than 65 years, groups of 10 people and more.
School group: make contact beforehand: contact@msndp.com ).

Free admission for children under 15 years old accompanied, excluding school groups.

Tickets are on sale at the reception of the Notre-Dame de Paris Cathedral, every day from 9.30 am to 6.00 pm and on the evening of the concert from 8pm.
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Contribution fee: €18
Any reductions: €10
With receipts: unemployed, school groups up to 18 years, over 65 years, groups of 10 persons or more. School groups: previously contact with contact@msndp.com.

Freefor children under 15 accompanied (not for school groups)

Ticket sale at the reception desk of the Notre-Dame de Paris Cathedral, every day from 9.30 am to 6 pm and on concert evenings at 8 pm.
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After studying violin at the Conservatoire National de Région de Versailles, Sylvain Dini joined the Conservatoire national Supérieur de Musique de Paris in 1988, where he won six first prizes: harmony, counterpoint, Fugue, orchestration, analysis and finally Gregorian Choir direction that will soon become its specialty. He deepened the study of Gregorian chant, including Canon Jean Janneteau and the Fathers Dom Jean Claire and Dom Saulnier of the Atelier de musical palaeographic study of the Abbey of Saint Pierre de Solesmes. Finally, for some years he has specialized in medieval vielle with bow.

He has been a professor of analysis and writing at the Vichy National School of Music for ten years. Appointed in 1994 as head of choir at Notre-Dame de Paris, he has in charge the department of Medieval Music: pedagogy, research, concerts at Notre-Dame de Paris and finally liturgy with the Gregorian mass which he directs every week at Notre-Dame de Paris, Offering continuity and permanence of this repertoire in the first cathedral of France. He also takes responsibility for artistic programming for medieval music as part of the concert season at Notre-Dame de Paris.

In the context of the development of the activities of the Department of Medieval Music and the teaching that it provides to the various choirs that make up the master's degree Notre-Dame de Paris (children, young Ensemble, adults) it sets up partnerships with Musicians and ensembles, such as Brigitte Lesne and ensemble Alla Francesca, Dominique Vellard, Marie-Noel Colette, Antoine Guerber and ensemble Diabolus in Musica or Jean-Yves hameline.

Sylvain Dini combines his work as a conductor of choir and pedagogue and as a researcher. A large part of his work is devoted to the study of manuscripts, where a place of choice is reserved for the repertoire of the School of Notre-Dame. He carried out an important work of restitution of works which took place both in the programmes of concerts which he directed at Notre-Dame de Paris but also everywhere in France and abroad, as in the record recordings which he directed. His research work was also hailed in 1994 by a first prize in the class of musical civilization at the Conservatoire National de Paris region with a dissertation on the restitution and analysis of Gregorian pieces of the feast of the presentation of Jesus at the Temple. This work gave rise, in 1997, to a recording with the mastery of Notre-Dame de Paris entitled Hypapante (5 Diapasons, 9 repertoire). In 2005, still with the master's degree Notre-Dame de Paris, he recorded a record devoted to the Marian repertoire Mater Dulcissima, which was hailed by critics, notably by the International journal Golberg.

He recently recorded with the Gregorian ensemble of the mastery Notre-Dame de Paris, a record dedicated to the own repertoire of Notre-Dame Cathedral in the early 13Th century, Surrexit Christus (Vespers and Easter processions), the result of a work of search for several years.


Sacred Music at Notre-Dame de Paris

Import-1184. jpgMusic has always been an integral part of the life of Notre-Dame de Paris Cathedral. It was at that time that the arches were raised in the sky to form the choir of the church, which was born in the school of Notre-Dame and its large polyphonys. The audacity of the cathedral builders responded to that of the musicians. Since then, the musical tradition of Notre-Dame de Paris has maintained itself at the highest level and each generation has come to bring its stone to the prestigious building that constitutes the musical history of the cathedral.

Aware of this secular heritage, the national and international influence of the activities and the excellence of the training provided by the master's degree Notre-Dame de Paris, the state, the city of Paris and the diocesan Association of Paris decided In 1991 to create the Association sacred Music in Notre-Dame de Paris.

Responsible for the artistic and administrative coordination of all musical aspects of the cathedral, sacred music in Notre-Dame de Paris has for essential missions the musical teaching and the training of singers, the musical animation of Liturgical celebrations of the cathedral, the organization of concerts and hearings, the musicology research around the heritage of Notre-Dame de Paris, the diffusion and musical creation.

A very complete vocal and instrumental device is implemented at the service of these missions. The central element is the master's degree Notre-Dame de Paris, composed of several ensembles (children's choir, young ensemble, Adult choir in professional formation, Gregorian Ensemble), to which are occasionally joined by baroque orchestras or Symphonic. The great organ, the choir organ and the team of organists attached to them are also major actors.

The concert season, the organ hearings on Sunday afternoon, the reception each year of fifty choirs from around the world, as well as the daily presence of the music at Notre-Dame de Paris, testify to a requirement of musical quality in Harmony with the exceptional vocation of this high place.



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