"Advent words"
published on 23/10/2009 in Archive News-Events

The Sunday 29 November, 6, 13 and 20 December 2009 from 17h20 to 17:50 on the theme "why a social doctrine of the Church?"

Sundays 29 November, 6, 13 and 20 December 2009 from ~ 17h20 ~ to ~ 17h50

"Why a social doctrine of the Church?"


For this time of advent 2009, Notre-Dame de Paris proposes four "talks" of half an hour, to discover the theological dimension of the social doctrine of the Church.
They will be given by father Baudoin ROGER, Chaplain of the Cathedral, responsible for the Department of Economics, man, society in College of the Bernardin.

Sunday, November 29th:
Creation, the original Alliance

– Sunday, December 6:
The incarnation, God with us

– Sunday, December 13th:
The Trinity and the human person

– Sunday, December 20:
The Eucharist and communion


The social doctrine is the best kept secret of the Church and yet, "the teaching and dissemination of the social doctrine of the Church belong to its mission of evangelization: it is an essential part of the Christian message because this doctrine proposes the direct consequences in the life of society and it places the daily work and the struggle for Justice in the context of the witness given to Christ the Savior "(John Paul II, Centesismus Annus §5).


Father Baudoin ROGER

import-1134. jpgFather Baudoin ROGER is the chaplain of Notre-Dame Cathedral in Paris since September 2008.

Former pupil of the Ecole Polytechnique (1976), of the ENS of advanced techniques (1981), and of the CPA (1987), he was ordained a priest in Paris in 2003. Diocesan Chaplain of the young professionals of the Christian movement of executives (MCC), father ROGER teaches social morality at the College of Bernardins.

– 1997 – 2002: Bachelor of theology – Institute of theological studies (Brussels)
– 2002 – 2004: Bachelor of theology – Weston Jesuit School of theology (Cambridge – MA)
– 2004 – 2008: vicar at Saint Jean-Baptiste de Grenelle (Paris XV)
– Since 2008: Chapelain at Notre-Dame de Paris Cathedral


The advent Sundays at Notre-Dame de Paris
29 November, 6, 13 and 20 December 2009

8:30 : Mass
9:30 : Office of the advent Laudes
10:00 : Gregorian mass
11:30 : International mass
12:45 : Mass [[except Sunday 29 November due to the Episcopal ordination of Archbishop Luc RAVEL, new Bishop to the armies]]

16h25 : Audition at the Grand orgue [[except on Sunday 29 November due to the Episcopal ordination of Bishop Luc RAVEL, the new Bishop of the armies]]
17h20 : Words of advent
18:00 : Office of the advent Vespers
18h30 : Mass presided by Cardinal André VINGT-TROIS, Archbishop of Paris


Texts of the "advent words"
1st chat: creation, original Alliance.

2nd chat: the incarnation, God with us.

3rd chat: the Trinity and the human person.

4th lecture: the Eucharist and communion.





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