Image Opera "lumen de Lumine"
published on 11/11/2007 in Archive News-Events

Projection on giant screen of this mystery of Christmas through the greatest masterpieces of art...

Intended for the smallest and the greatest, this image Opera is a presentation of the mystery of Christmas, Lumende Lumine,
Light born of light
, Christmas light, that of a newborn child who comes to enlighten the world.

This hour of memory and freshness traces, according to the story of Saint Luke the Evangelist, this true story to contemplate and meditate: starting with the creation of the world, then the proclamation of the Messiah, the Nativity, the adoration of the Magi, the presentation to Temple... the whole history of Christ's childhood. The ensemble then the greatest masterpieces of art around the Nativity: painting, sculpture, architecture, icons, stained glass, enluminures... all on a musical background from recordings of the large organ organs of the Cathedral and the choirs of the mastery of Notre-Dame de Paris.





this audio-visual show is projected on a transparent tulle screen of more than 100 square meters hung in the nave, and supported by a unique spatialization of sound in the Cathedral.

Free admission, free participation at the expense.


Ces projections ont lieu du 1er décembre jusqu’au 31 janvier :
– les lundis et jeudis à 20h30 ;
– les mercredis et samedis à 16h30.

– projections exceptionnelles lundi 24 décembre à 16h et 22h, dimanche 30 décembre à 20h30.

Find all projection dates of this image Opera in the agenda of the site, "Nocturnes" calendar.

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Light a candle at Notre-Dame