Mass in honor of the "Lord of miracles"
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The samedi 25 octobre 2014 à 18h30

Samedi 25 octobre 2014 à 18h30

Pour la neuvième année consécutive, cette messe sera célébrée en présence des membres de la Brotherhood of the bearers of the Lord of miracles and the entire Latin American community of île-de-France, especially Peruvians who worship this representation of Christ especially, Lord of miracles, boss of Lima.

This mass will be presided over by Bishop Xavier RAMBAUD, Episcopal Vicar, in the presence of father César TERRONES, Chaplain of the Latin American community of Paris.

La MISA will be celebrada en Presencia de los miembros de la Hermandad de cargadores del Señor de los Milagros y de co-munidad Latinoamericana de Paris, in particular-LAR de peruanos que veneran especialmente esta representacion de Jesucristo, "Señor de los Milagros" boss of Lima.


Due to the procession that precedes this celebration, the Office of Vespers usually celebrated at 5:45 pm will be deleted.


This is how the procession will again be carried, from the end of the square to the choir of the Cathedral, on the backs of men, this representation of Lord of miracles, representing more than three meters high and several hundred kilos.

ES ASI que nuevamente La Sagrada Imagen will be llevada en procesion, Desde la Esplanada hasta el altar Mayor de la Catedral, sobre los hombros de los Hermanos, esta representa-cion del "Señor de los Milagros" es de Tres metros de Altura y Varias centenas of kilos.

The image of the Lord of miracles which will be carried in procession is that preserved in the Church of Saint-Albert-Le-Grand in Paris (122 rue de la cooler, XIII °).



In his homily of the first mass in the Cathedral for the "Lord of miracles", on 28 October 2006, Fr. César-Martin Terrones (o.p.), Chaplain of the Latin American community of Paris, recalled that for Peruvians and Latin-Americans, the story of the Lord of miracles is a story dating back more than 355 years. It is an experience of life with God through his son Jesus Christ. It is the result of the evangelization that our peoples received from the first missionaries who arrived on our continent. This message of salvation remained engraved in the hearts of the many generations, who, like Bartimée, found in Jesus Christ the faith in a God who loves us and saves us. And he concluded: Today, it is for us the opportunity to repeat the plain faith prayer of the blind man of the way before the image of the Lord of miracles: "Lord, I can see! Let yourself be present throughout my life, in men and in daily events, to discover the signs of your salutary presence and your call full of love!


import-544. jpgIn a letter addressed to Bishop André Vingt-Trois, Cardinal Jean-Louis Cipriani Thorne, Archbishop of Lima and Primate of Peru, thanked the Archbishop of Paris for hosting in Notre-Dame Cathedral those who, having left their homeland in search of a better future, manifest their religiosity according to their own expressions. He continued by pointing out that for the bloodhounds and all Peruvians, to think of the Lord of miracles, is to rise to the consideration of the Lord's love for our land. [...] The story of the blessed devotion to the Lord of miracles tells us of the divine goodness that lowers himself at the level of man and makes him experience his closeness through the relief brought to his needs. It is thus, because of the wonders wrought by God in his favour, that the Peruvian, for more than three centuries, has called Jesus Christ the Lord of miracles.
Because of this, as a response of love, it is important for the devotee of the Lord of miracles to walk with him, to accompany him in procession, to demonstrate love, gratitude and thanks.
The Primate of Peru ended as follows: It is beyond doubt that, for my Peruvian brothers who live in Paris, it is a great consolation to be able to live there the experience of the procession, to accompany the image of the Lord, to carry it on his shoulders, to sing in his honour.


The "Lord of miracles"

By the grace of God, since 1651, the people of Lima have experienced, in a particular way, the merciful love of God through the blessed image of the Lord of miracles. The anonymous hand of a black slave was the means of God's use for the supremely blessed image of the crucified Lord to become the Centre of a devotion that leads to their realization of the prophetic words of our Lord Jesus Christ: "when I have been raised on Earth, I shall draw all men to me "(Jn 12.32).

Since then, and each time with greater intensity, the people of Lima have experienced the saving closeness of God through this image of the crucified that he called "the Christ of wonders". And the reason is that God, the only Lord, the one who has wrought wonders in the history of Israel, the one who realized the great marvel of salvation by redeeming man through the death and resurrection of Jesus, has operated wonders in Lima by through this prodigious image of Christ on the cross, for more than three and a half centuries, and that is why the Liménian people called him and called him "the Lord of miracles".

How many miracles have been attributed to such a venerable image! There is a whole history of miracles that testify that the blessed image is a real sign of divine kindness. But there is a miracle always new and always repeated, original and constant: the miracle of the conversion of so many men and women who, through the contemplation of Christ of color, have discovered or resumed the path of salvation! How many men and women, during these three and a half centuries, have discovered God's love for them and have decided to love him with sincerity contemplating this blessed image! How can we not be touched by contemplating in the image of the Lord of miracles the Supreme moment of love and the total gift of the son of God to us?
How many men and women from Lima and Peru, contemplating the Lord of miracles, were gratified by the great miracle to understand the Apostle's assertion: "he loved me and he indulged for me" (GAL 2.20)!

The great miracle of the Lord of miracles is that we constantly remember God's love for us men, the merciful love of God who redeems, saves, forgives, welcomes and offers a new life. That is why we are convinced that devotion to the Lord of miracles is the greatest gift God has made in Peru.

In this beautiful story of devotion to the Lord of miracles, a privileged place is the one occupied by the brotherhood of the Lord of miracles of the Nazaréennes, an ancient and meritorious institution which has the very important function of organising the procession of the image of the Lord of miracles, the greatest manifestation of popular faith in our country and one of the greatest expressions of popular religiosity from around the world.

What divine blessing and what responsibility to be part of the Nazarene family! This is undoubtedly a divine privilege, a vocation that entails a mission, the Mission of witnessing the merciful love of the Lord. A Nazarene brother must not only bear on his shoulders the image of the Lord throughout the course of the processions of October, he must still carry the Lord in his soul incessantly, and, with enthusiasm and courage, he must be able to give the testimony of the Savior's love of the Lord through his personal life and his words.
The Nazarene brother is to be made every day more brother of the Lord, more like him by putting into practice the love for the father and the love and service of the brethren, according to the way of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Witnessing the love of God who works miracles is the profound identity of the Nazarene brother, the purpose for which he has to work, with hard and firmness, and with the blessing of the Lord of miracles.
The profound value of devotion to the Lord of miracles and the importance of the Nazarene brotherhood that bears his name have hardly escaped the pastoral solicitude of the Vicar of Christ on Earth. That is why, on the occasion of the 350 years of worship dedicated to the Lord of miracles, in the year 2001, the Holy Father John Paul II, in a voluntary gesture, sent me a letter, in my capacity as Archbishop of Lima, in which he encourages a practice always faithful devotion to the Lord of miracles. This letter is undoubtedly a remarkable testimony of the importance of devotion to the Lord of miracles on our limenian land, a commitment of life to which the Lord calls us through his vicar on Earth, and also a a relic of a universal pastor of the selfless, generous and faithful Church.

Jean-Louis Cardinal Cipriani Thorne
Archbishop of Lima and Primate of Peru



In 2001, for the 350th anniversary of this venerable depiction of Christ, Pope John Paul II expressed to Cardinal Juan Luis Cipriani Thorne, Archbishop of Lima, all his attention:

On the occasion of the special celebrations that take place when the 350th anniversary of the image of the Lord of miracles, patron of Lima and revered in the sanctuary of the Nazaréennes is fulfilled, I wish to send a loving greeting to this community Christian who, under the guidance of his pastors, gives thanks to God for the blessings received for centuries and especially, for the gift of the faith, strengthened by the help of this deeply rooted devotion in so many limenian generations..
Just as the people of every condition and origin, simple or noble, rested with confidence their eyes on the suffering Christ on the cross and eagerly came to Pachacamilla, so today we invite Christians not to stick to simple words, but to contemplate the face of the Lord, to reflect his light and to shine it before the generations of the new Millennium (cf. Novo Millenium Ineunte, 16.28).

That is why it is pleasing to me to know that this meaningful commemoration, centered above all on what is called "Liménian lent", has an eminently Jubilee character, of grace and forgiveness, of sincere conversion and of reconciliation, with the words of live in depth the mystery of the cross on which Christ redeemed all mankind.
Indeed, it is in him that is salvation, of the fact that he has defeated on the cross sin and his tyrannable power, so that all participate with him in the glory of the resurrection. This is the experience of devotees and pilgrims, sometimes burdened by the weight of their faults, their weakness or many other concerns that tear their hearts. They feel very deeply the words of Jesus: "come unto me..., and I will give you rest" (Mt 11.28). United to him, with the strength of grace that he continues to dispense us abundantly, and especially through the sacraments, we will also find Peter's audacity to rush us back into the waters, in spite of the darkest forebodings (cf LC 5.4).

In this circumstance, I feel spiritually United to the joy of so many Limenians and Peruvians due to this singular opportunity to meet again with Christ who wanted to manifest his intimate closeness through this secular image, and I urge them to renew their faith and fortify their hope. Each of them, as well as the Peruvian people as a whole, must avoid falling into discouragement in the face of adverse circumstances or seeking foreign and illusory refuges. The words of Jesus continue to be an inexhaustible source of vitality: "in the world, you will have tribulations. But keep your courage! I have defeated the world "(Jn 16.33).

I ask the Lord of miracles that he protect the Limenians, that he change those who carry on their shoulders his image in the bearers of Christ with also their faith and their witness of irreproachable life, that he transforms into true imitators of Jesus those who the Nazarene tunic, and that he spread his grace upon all who invoke him with devotion.

In recommending to the Virgin Mary, who was the one who followed most faithfully her son to the cross, the Carmelite community which continues the tradition of the "faithful guardians and servants" of the venerable image, as well as the pastors and the faithful of Lima, I vo us bestows the Apostolic Blessing with affection.

Vatican City, September 21, 2001, feast of St. Matthew, Apostle



Reverend Father César-Martin Terrones OP and members of the brotherhood of the Lord of miracles, you who will bring the image to the Cathedral of Paris on pilgrimage of faith and peace.

The feast of the Lord of miracles brings us every year the memory of Christ who died on the cross to save us. Pachacamilla is the meeting place of the Afro-Peruvian believer with the son of God, the very one who from the cross illuminates and shares with him his sufferings and pain.
These believers, who had been uprooted from their native Angola, all suffered from the nostalgia of their people and the sadness of losing their freedom. However, God has never distanced himself from those who suffer and who seek wholeheartedly the image of Christ crucified, painted on a ripe cob, and who came to bring them hope and peace.

I want to reflect briefly on the words of Jesus who are questioning us today like yesterday: what is the use of man to win the whole world if he loses his life? (MT. 8.36). The purple month, as we have become accustomed to calling the month of October, makes us present the memory of the conversion. We begin to walk on the path of conversion since our baptism. That is why we have committed ourselves to God in two fundamental things: to reject evil and Sin and to take the body of faith in Christ and in his Church. These two Christian duties become urgent in this current global context to discern what corresponds or not to the message of the Gospel, with the purpose of having the duty to proclaim what Christ teaches us in the Holy Scriptures.

To convert is to turn to God. It is to move away from the propositions of evil to end up with God. It is to be confident in the father and in his mercy by accepting his plan of salvation because: "he wants all men to be saved and to gain access to the knowledge of the truth."

In this month of October, the Catholic Peru dresses in purple. Wearing the clothes of the Lord of miracles is a commitment of austerity and solidarity towards the brother who needs us most. It is time to renew our commitment to "give food to the hungry and to dress the nude" because without love and without communion there is no church, no new evangelization and the world cools in selfishness.

It is to all of you that I address my cordial greetings and to each of the brothers of the Lord of miracles my greatest esteem. God always keeps you firm in faith and decided to face all hope. Let God make you strong in charity towards the poor and accompany you in all your work and in all your missions.

With my blessings and good memories.

Monsignor Salvador Piñeiro Garcia Calderòn
Archbishop Metropolitan of Ayacucho
President of the Peruvian Episcopal Conference

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