Ash Wednesday
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The Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Wednesday, March 9 2011

Ash Wednesday marks the entry in Lent, lent entirely to the feast of Easter, celebrating the resurrection of Christ and the heart of the Christian faith.

Coming to receive the Ashes is to take our place in the queue of sinners and engage with them in the path of conversion. We do not have too many of these forty days to let us lead to the root of sin.

We are not sinners simply because we have accumulated faults; We are sinners because our heart has turned away from God. This radical movement is the cause and the explanation of the various faults that we can commit. Their list will always be renewed, if we do not accept to attack sin at its root, if we do not accept radical conversion to faith in God.

If we can recognize ourselves as sinners and enter a path of conversion, it is because the Divine mercy allows us to see the evil in us as we see it out of us. What we see of God's mercy is that even that allows us to recognize the action of the evil in this world because we are seeing it in the light of the victory of Christ. It is because we believe that God is a god of tenderness and mercy, because we know that Christ gave his life to deliver us from sin, that we may dare to look in the face at the sin of our heart.

It is often said that our society has lost the sense of sin. Perhaps it should be explained a little more that the loss of the meaning of sin is only the consequence of the loss of the sense of mercy. If our society is unable to identify and name sin, it is that it has forgotten to be under the merciful hand of a father whose constant concern is to grant his forgiveness and reconcile the men with him.

There is no point in exhorting people to recognize themselves as sinners if first they are not told the good news of salvation and if they are not given the opportunity to face death because they are already in the risen one.

† André Cardinal Twenty-three
Archbishop of Paris



8:00 am: Mass with imposition of ashes Celebrated in the choir

9:00 am: Mass with the imposition of ashes Celebrated in the choir

12:00 pm: Mass with the imposition of ashes
Presided over by Cardinal André Twenty-three, Archbishop of Paris

17H45: Office of the Vespers of Ash Wednesday

6.30 pm: Mass with the imposition of ashes
chaired by Monsignor Patrick JACQUIN, Rector-Archpriest of the catgédrale
Broadcast live on KTO, Catholic television and radio Notre-Dame

8.30 pm: Mass with the imposition of ashes
chaired by the Canon Denis DUPONT-FAUVILLE, chaplain


Ash Wednesday, coming in Lent

During the celebrations of this Wednesday, The priest marks the forehead of the faithful of Ashes By saying: Convert and believe in the Gospel. Ash symbolizes the fragility of man, but also the hope in God's mercy. This day is A day of fasting and abstinence : This sign of penance, which comes from the biblical tradition... Manifests the condition of sinful man, who outwardly confesses his fault before the Lord and thus expresses his will for inner conversion, led by the hope that the Lord will be for him full of tenderness.

The Gospel of this day is a passage from St Matthew (Chapter 6, verses 1 to 6 and 16-18) which Encourages the faithful to pray and act, not in a proud and ostentatious manner, but In the secret of their hearts : When you give alms, let your left hand not know what your right hand gives you so that your alms will remain secret; Your father sees what you do in secret. (...) When you pray, retire to the bottom of your house, close the door, and pray to your father who is present in the secret (...) When you fast, perfume your head and wash your face; So your fast will not be known to men, but only to the father who is present in the secret.

Lent is time lived in Prayer, fasting and sharing. We are invited:
– To pray more, with family, in groups, in their parish...;
– To fast some days of Lent (especially this Ash Wednesday and Good Friday, last Friday in Lent);
-To turn more towards others, to live this sharing, for example by bringing
Support for a charitable organization.

To help the faithful to convert and grow in humanity, the church also offers the faithful to receive The Sacrament of Reconciliation (confession).



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