Saint Peter healing from the sick of his shadow

by Laurent de la HYRE (1635)

by Laurent de la HYRE (1635)




The May of 1635, Saint Peter healing from the sick of his shadowpainted by Laurent de LA HYRE (1606-1656), is currently hung in the northern transept of the cathedral.



The table
The saint passes among the sick who lie before him, in front of marble porticoes. In the foreground, on the right, a woman is lying with her chest undressed, holding her child against her hip. Behind her, an old man stands up on a stick on which a child is leaning.
According to the article by Pierre-Marie AUZAS (in The fine Arts Gazette, 1949)

In the Scriptures
Through the hands of the Apostles, many signs and wonders were realized in the people. All the believers, with one heart, stood under Solomon's colonnade. No one else dared to join them; however, all the people praised them, and more and more men and women joined the Lord by faith. We even went so far as to take the sick out into the squares, putting them on beds and stretchers: thus, when Peter passed by, he would touch one or the other of his shadows. And even a crowd from the villages near Jerusalem led people who were sick or tormented by evil spirits. And all of them were healed.
Acts of the Apostles, chapter 5, verses 12 to 16


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