The descent of the Holy Spirit

by Jacques BLANCHARD (1634)

by Jacques Blanchard (1634)



The May of 1634, The descent of the Holy Spirit, painted by Jacques BLANCHARD (1600-1638), is currently hung in the chapel of the baptismal fonts of the Cathedral.



The table

Inside a building adorned with pilasters with ionic capitals, the assembled disciples show their surprise at the sight of the tongues of fire that arise on their heads. They are arranged from the back or face, on either side of the Virgin who sits on the right, with the hands clasped, on a seat high on two degrees.
Germain Brice (
New description of the city of Paris..., 8th Edition, Paris, 1725) said: "this painting is highly esteemed and approaches the perfection of the fine works of the masters of the first rank, whatever this painter would have done in an age where he could hope to go much further, having died aged only thirty- eight years "and Piganiol de la force (Historical Description of the city of Paris and its surroundings, 1765) believes that this painting is the one "who best supported the reputation of this painter".
According to the article by Pierre-Marie AUZAS (in The fine Arts Gazette, 1949)

In the Scriptures
Pentecost, from the Greek pentékostê, "fiftieth", is celebrated 50 days after Easter. It closes Easter time by celebrating the gift of the Holy Spirit to the apostles and the birth of the church.

During his last meeting with the disciples, Christ had said: "you will receive a strength, that of the Holy Spirit who will come upon you. Then you will be my witnesses in Jerusalem, all of Judea and Samaria, and to the ends of the Earth "(acts of the Apostles, Chapter 1, verse 8).
The acts of the Apostles (Chapter 2, verses 1-13) then tell that the twelve disciples and Mary, the mother of Christ, were all together when a breath similar to a gust of wind fills the House and that tongues of fire appear [[in the Bible, the and fire are signs of God's presence.]].
Filled with a new inner strength, in which they recognize the action of the spirit of Jesus in them, the apostles overcome their fears and begin to testify with momentum of the good news of the resurrection. In Jerusalem first, then city in town and all over the Earth, the first Christian communities begin to organize themselves. Pentecost marks the birth of the Church, which brings together all the baptized into the Christian faith.


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