The bees of Notre-Dame de Paris

In spring 2013, a beehive took place on the roof of the sacristy, surrounded by the square Jean XXIII which borders the South flan and the bedside of the Cathedral since 1844.

Our Lady of Paris, by hosting this hive, is fully associated with the preservation of dynamic biodiversity and thus wishes to recall the beauty of creation and the responsibility of man towards her.

This hive was donated by Nicolas Géant, beekeeper, which already has many beehives on the rooftops of Paris.

The bees in this hive are Brother Adam, bees of which one of the main characteristics is softness, virtue essential for an urban beekeeping.

La city, a refuge for bees


In the city, the more mild temperatures, the diversity of plantations, the methods of cultivation without fertilizers and pesticides, the multiplication of green spaces, the plantations on the terraces, the edges of Windows and courtyards seduce the bees.

In the gardens, blooms are spread from spring to autumn and bees have enough to drink for a good part of the year. A bee butine 700 flowers a day in a perimeter of three kilometers around the hive. Most plants cannot fertilize without the bees ' foraging.

Their role is indispensable in nature. The presence of bees is a sign of good health of our environment and their preservation is also saving the planet.

Saint John Chrysostom and the bee, inspirational for the Christian
Saint John Chrysostom, in one of his homilies to the people of Antioch, evokes the work of Divine Providence as admirable in the creation of the smallest insects as in the firmament: "carry your eyes on the bee. Unabated, she works for the service of man as much as for her own use; This is the image of the Christian: he seeks less his interests than those of others. You see her browsing the meadow to pick up the loot that will enrich a foreign table. Imitate his example, o man! Whoever you are; rich, to spread, in the bosom of the poor, the treasures of your opulence; scientist, to produce out your knowledge and distribute them in the community. What makes the bee's glory is not to be laborious, it is to be for the public good. »


Saint Ambrose, patron saint of beekeepers

Saint Ambrose (340-397), Bishop of the city of Milan, is the patron saint of beekeepers, bees and the city of Milan. Saint Ambrose is celebrated on 7 December.

According to the Life of Ambroise written by Paulin of Milan, his Secretary, his cradle was in the courtroom. One day he slept there, a swarm of bees suddenly came and covered his face and his mouth so that it seemed that the insects were entering his mouth and leaving. The bees then took their flight and rose in the air at such a height that the human eye was no longer able to distinguish them. The event struck his father who said, "If this little child lives, it will be something great."



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