A great book of art, history and faith

The grace of a cathedral...

This book of unprecedented quality is articulated in three parts:
– the adventure of its construction, from the first stones in the 12Th century to the contemporary shipyard;
– a detailed description of the building and its wonders;
– its rich history from the middle ages to the present day.

With more than 500 pages, 600 beautiful illustrations, this book of large format, beautifully connected – and weighing more than 4 kilos! – proposes the sum of the most current knowledge about Notre-Dame de Paris.

A great dedication with the Cardinal and the 50 authors of the book will be held Saturday, October 6 from 15:00 in the Cathedral.

"Notre-Dame de Paris – the grace of a cathedral"
Editions la Nuée Bleu
Collective work under the direction of Cardinal André Vingt-Trois
Scientific Committee and coordination: Patrick Jacquin, Dany Sandron, Jean-Pierre-Cartier and Gérard Pelletier
Canvas binding, jacket, size 27 x 37 cm, 504 pages, 600 images, €85
Collection «the grace of a cathedral created and directed by Mgr Joseph Doré
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Table of the book Notre-Dame de Paris – the grace of a cathedral

Address of the President of the Republic – François Hollande

Preface-"praise the Lord, all peoples!" – cardinal André Vingt-Trois

Foreword by the Mayor of Paris – Bertrand Delanoë

Part one – Construction of Notre-Dame, 850 years of construction, 1163-2013
under the direction of Dany Sandron

Introduction The incarnation of Gothic architecture – Dany Sandron
Before the Gothic Cathedral – Josiane Barbier, Didier Busson and Véronique Soulay
Project management – Sabine Berger and Dany Sandron
The management of the work – Dany Sandron
The materials implemented – Bernard Fonquernie, Françoise Gatouillat, Benjamin Mouton and Marc fired
The 12Th century project – Dany Sandron
High Windows – Sebastian Gougibus
Radical transformations – Sabine Berger and Dany Sandron
The outskirts of Notre-Dame in the middle ages – Stephen Hamon
The King's Cathedral – Alexandre Gady
In the storms of history – Elisabeth Pillet
Large restorations – Annie Blanc, Lise Leroux, Jannie Mayer and Élisabeth Pillet
The sculpture found – Dany Sandron
Recent restorations – Bernard Fonquernie, Jannie Mayer and Benjamin Mouton
The curator of the Cathedral – Dominique Herla-Douçot
Reflections on the balance of the sexpartite vaults – Benjamin Mouton
3D technology at the service of Notre-Dame – Andrew Tallon

Part two – The wonders of Notre-Dame, architecture, sculptures, furniture, stained glass and objects of worship
under the direction of Jean-Pierre Cartier

Introduction "A masterpiece of humanity" – Jean-Pierre Cartier
The western façade – Jean-Pierre Cartier, Odile Pinard and Régis singer
The cloister Portal – Odile Pinard
The red door – Odile Pinard
The Saint-Étienne Portal – Odile Pinard
The styles of the sculpture of the portals – Iliana Kasarska
The vow of Louis XIII and the redevelopment of the choir – Jean-Pierre Cartier
The stalls of the eighteenth century – Annie Auzas
The closing of the choir – Queen Bonnefoy
The relics of the passion and the chapel of the Holy Sepulchre – Renaud de Villelongue
The Mays and other paintings – Annie Auzas
The statuary – Annie Auzas
The chapels – Annie Auzas
The Western door hinges – Caroline piel
The three big roses – Queen Bonnefoy
Modern glass – Annie Auzas and Odile Pinard
The neogothic sacristy – Jean-Pierre Cartier and Odile Pinard
The Treasure – Elisabeth Pauly
Meditation on the statue of Notre-Dame de Paris – Dominique Ponnau

Part three – A high place in the history of France. The life of our Lady over the centuries
under the direction of Gérard Pelletier

Introduction When Emmanuel brings us together – Gérard Pelletier
A year at the Cathedral – Mgr Patrick Jacquin
Bishops and archbishops – Ségolène de Dainville-Barbiche
Concordatar prelates – Jacques-Olivier Boudon
From separation to Vatican Council II – Jacques Benoist
A witness's wanderings – Mgr Georges Gilson
Cardinal Lustiger and the radiance of Notre-Dame – Cardinal André twenty-three
The great hours of the Cathedral – Gérard Pelletier
"Gentlemen and chapter of our Lady" – Patrice Sicard
The cathedral school – Cedric Giraud
The devotions and saints of the chapels – Mireille Vincent-Cassy and Gérard Pelletier
A liturgy of symbols – Xavier Bisaro
Sacred music – Claire Delamarche
"Hæc dies", the gradual of the Easter Day – Sylvain Dieudonné
The "solemn mass" by Louis Vierne – Lionel sow
Organs – Philippe Lefebvre
"The hours of Notre-Dame" – Cardinal André twenty-three
The lent conferences – Pierre-Marie Hombert
"The old Queen of our cathedrals" – Pierre-Alain Cahné
The Cathedral of the post-Council – Mgr Jacques Perrier
Rectors and archipriests – Mgr Patrick Jacquin and Laurent Prades
Homily of homage to Notre-Dame – Mgr Émile Berrar
«Orate, Fratres» – Cardinal Eugenio Pacelli

Photographs : Pascal LEMAÎTRE, Pascal DELOCHE, Philippe LISSAC


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Light a candle at Notre-Dame