Renovation of the great organ

The Grand orgue prepares to celebrate the 850 years of the Cathedral...

Expected for several years, the renovation of the great organ began on January 16, 2012. Under the control of the State's work and following the approval of the National Commission of historical monuments, this work will be carried out in two phases:
– January to November 2012: replacement of the computer transmission (computers are already over twenty years old) and adaptation of the new system to the historical mechanics; General Agreement of the instrument;
– December 2012: recommissioning of the great organ for the Jubilee year of the 850 years of the Cathedral;
– 2014: General disassembly of the instrument; restoration and replacement of various old mechanisms and elements; restoration of the façade hoses.

The great organ of Notre-Dame de Paris is one of the most famous in the world. Since its conception in the fifteenth century, more than 50 organists have adapted its keyboards and perpetuates the beauty of sacred music. Thanks to the organ auditions held every Sunday in the Cathedral, it is now more than 2 000 organists of the five continents who have been able to interpret works on the great organ itself. It was of course the subject of many transformations and restorations, especially in the eighteenth century where it takes its present proportions. He found his symphonic fullness in 1868 after the work of the organ factor Aristide Cavaillé-Coll, initiated by the architect Viollet-le-Duc. Constantly modernized, the last major operation consisted in computering its transmission system in 1992. It was also an opportunity to restore the whole instrument, in order to regain the Symphonic sonorities of the organ of Cavaillé-Coll while preserving the previous strata (seventeenth and eighteenth centuries).

This state-funded work, the owner of the instrument, was entrusted by the DRAC, after a public tender with two associated organ factors for the occasion: Bertrand Cattiaux and Pascal Quoirin. The management of the work is ensured by Éric Brottier, consulting technician of the Directorate of the heritages.

During the first phase of work (2012), the Dominican organ hearings were suspended and will resume in January 2013. The organists of the great organ and choir organ will ensure during this work the musical support of the offices on the choir organ of the Cathedral.




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