World organ day

850 concerts in the world on the same day...

To celebrate its 850th anniversary, the Cathedral of Notre-Dame de Paris organizes several musical events, in tribute to the sacred music that rhythm the religious life from the earliest times. The organ, which is undoubtedly the instrument of our Lady of Paris par excellence, is thus to take a very predominant place in the projects related to the Jubilee of the Cathedral, in particular thanks to the "world day of the organ", which will take place on May 06, 2013 to t ravers the whole world.

This event consists of proposing 850 recitals that will resonate the organ works of the patrimony of Notre-Dame de Paris in cathedrals, basilicas and shrines of the five continents. There will also be places of prayer of all denominations and concert halls. In order to take into account the time zones of each country, it is indeed a 24 hour concert to which we expect, thus reviving the musical history of Notre-Dame de Paris. These exceptional geographical and temporal dimensions give this event a completely new and unprecedented scale.

The national, international and recognized influence of the Grand organ of the Cathedral is no longer to be proved. In fact, the auditions that take place every Sunday at 4.30 pm welcome organists from all over the world. Moreover, we cannot ignore that music has always been seen as a universal language that brings together men of all cultures.

The "world day of the organ", on May 06, 2013, will be one of the highlights of the musical season of sacred music at Notre-Dame de Paris, specially dedicated to the Jubilee of the Cathedral.

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