Homily of Sunday, August 20
published on 03/10/2017 in News

Will we all be saved? This question, we all carry it in our hearts. From Christ to the present day, the central question is the salvation and not sin!

Some think that "everyone, it is beautiful, everyone, it is nice, everyone, it is saved"; but then what about our freedom in the face of salvation? No, salvation is not automatic, because God respects us so far.

Some imagine paradise, purgatory and hell and they do not hesitate to put on one side those they love and at the other end those they hate... But they are not God! Let's not solve God's problems, we already have enough!

Will we all be saved? This is our hope, for there is no vengeance in the heart of God. You can't say, "up there, I'm going to pay!" Because everything is free, that is all grace.

Christ in the encounter with Nicodemus is clear: " God sent his son to the world, not to judge the world, but for him to save the world. Whoever believes in him escapes the judgment. (Jn 3, 17-18). So God does not want judgment and if there is judgment, it is the fact of the man who forces God to judge him. Certainly, there is the last judgment in which distributive justice will be exercised; But if our hearts are to accuse us, God is greater than our heart, and that is how distributive justice will be embraced in the saving justice. This was the great spiritual revolution made by the little Theresa of the child Jesus.

Are we all saved? It all depends on us, our inner freedom! The Canaanian is saved thanks to her act of faith. « So, Lord, increase in us faith ». It is the faith that saves us, but it commits us: I believe! I can't just say I believe, if nothing changes in my life. Faith without works is a faith that does not act and is doomed to fall asleep or even die!


« I was only sent to the lost sheep of the House of Israel. » Tested to check the desire of this woman. Indeed Christ came not only to the sheep of Israel, but also to all Nations. This is the novelty announced and realized. Every man without exception can be saved. God does not take away anything from the chosen people, also called to be saved: If indeed the world was reconciled with God when they were put away, what will happen when they are reinstated? It will be life for those who were dead! "has just told us Saint Paul in his letter to the Romans. Again, the Lord waits for this Act of faith that will be the fruit of our freedom; We have been created to live in the presence of God; This is my vocation, for which I was created! This is the source in our hearts: Take pity on me, Lord, son of David ! This Canaanian cry is also our cry; We turn to Christ, because we believe that he alone can save us.

Then it is a question of prostrate: " Lord, come to my rescue! We must not hesitate to express our request, to show our wound, our fragility. This prostration is the sign of our worship.

We must not give up; the Lord eventually hears.

And then it is the gift of faith. It is Christ who makes this gift, but the Canaanian has been able to welcome him.

This is the approach we are called to make to revive the gift of faith. This is how we will be led to the holy mountain, as the Prophet Isaiah says, in beginnings that will have no end, before the face-to-face with the father where faith and hope disappear, but charity will continue to grow.

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