Homily of Friday, March 9, 2018
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« Who is wise enough to understand these things, penetrating enough to grasp them? Yes, how to get into the mystery of a God who turns away from his anger! For there is what, seeing the world of men to get angry! In the face of our infidelities, in the face of our idols of all kinds, God remains faithful to his Covenant; that is why our God does not tire of forgiving us. Certainly we have to go back to him, but lent is there for that! And then it is the revelation of our God.

« The orphan receives tenderness ». Our God is tender and merciful and Christ came precisely to join us in our poverty and reveal to us the face of tenderness of our God.

« I will heal them, I will love them with a free loving that is why God sent us what he has dearest, his only son. And he fills us with his gratuitous grace.

This grace is a rain of lilies, roses; a real fragrant forest that provides shade and God knows that in a hot country, it's important.

God is love, and Christ in the Gospel makes the link between the commandment of God's love and the love of neighbor. God loves us and he gives us the opportunity to respond to his love, not only by spreading in our hearts love, but by inviting us to love the neighbor.

« To love one's neighbour as oneself, is better than any offering of burnt offerings and sacrifices ». The love I Express to the Lord engages my whole life. How do I say "I love God" if I am at the same time crushing my neighbor's foot?

Christ prefers the sincerity of the heart to external practices. The new law of Christ is not skunked, rigorist, but it is that of the love of God and neighbor. That is why this new law is freedom and happiness.

The law in which one gives himself to the other in joy, for there is always more joy to give than to receive.

To understand the mystery of God, you have to immerse yourself in it and experience it. A forgiven sinner understands the love he is loved.

Yesterday we were in mid-lent! There is still time to convert and return to the Lord.

« Listen, I adjure thee, o my people

Are you going to listen to me, Israel? »

Yes, let us listen to the Lord through his word, obey his word and all together with the same heart, we will return to him.



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