Celebration of the dedication of the cathedral
published on 17/04/2009 in 2009

The mardi 16 juin 2009, vêpres à 17h45 et messe à 18h15 en présence du Chapitre Cathédral

Mardi 16 juin 2009

Le 16 juin fut marqué comme tous les ans par la Fête de la Dédicace de la cathédrale Notre-Dame de Paris.



The Dedication is the ceremony that dedicates a church as a place of worship and prayer. It really becomes House of God and abode of men. To commemorate the dedication is to remember the vocation of this place, the gathering place of the Christian people, where their prayers rise.









8:00 : Mass In the choir
9:00 : Mass In the choir
12:00 : Mass at the high altar

17h45: solemn Vespers of the dedication chaired by Monsignor François FLEISCHMANN, Dean of the cathedral chapter, in the presence of the Chanoines
6:15 pm: solemn mass of the dedication chaired by Cardinal André VINGT-TROIS, Archbishop of Paris

Maîtrise Notre-Dame de Paris, Jeune Ensemble
Lionel SOW: direction
Johann VEXO : Orgue de Chœur
Ph. LEFEBVRE : Grand Orgue


20h30 : Récital aux Grandes Orgues par Vincent WARNIER


Dédicace de la cathédrale Notre-Dame de Paris

In the Ile de la Cité, in the 6th century, theEcclesia, consisting of three buildings, the respective names of which appear thereafter:
– Saint-Étienne (690), the Bishop's Church,
– Saint-Marie (775), that of the chapter,
– Saint-Jean-le-Rond, the Baptistery.
Beyond the destruction accumulated by the Normans, it went on to the 11th century. It was then that St. Mary supplanted Saint-Étienne. EN 1163, the Bishop Maurice de Sully undertook to rebuild it. The cult was inaugurated in the new building in 1190, but the work continued in the 13Th century.

In the meantime, Notre-Dame had become the home of the people of Paris and the Kings of France, associated with all the joys and grief of the city and the nation. After the vicissitudes of the revolution and the transient brilliance of the Imperial Sacre, Notre-Dame threatened to ruin. Its restoration, decided in 1844, was carried out by The Duke and crowned by his dedication, May 31, 1864. The dedication is now celebrated on the anniversary of the consecration of the new altar by the Cardinal Lustiger on 16 June 1989.


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Hymn of the Vespers of the dedication

Church of always, listening to the world,
Do you hear the forces of history bubbling?
The land is worked with a deaf violence,
Starving to unity, to evil deliverance.

Church of always, at the service of the world,
Rooted faith in the hollow of our troubles.
Get out of his bonds that hope that is weaving,
Committed to the path of anguish and promise.

Church of always, Gospel of the world,
Freed from the fear of the Earth that enchilded.
Baptizes in the spirit the outbreak of his germ,
Flows in the river of peace, takes our history.

Light a candle at Notre-Dame