Feast of the dedication of the Lateran Basilica
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The lundi 9 novembre 2009

Lundi 9 novembre 2009

Le lundi 9 novembre, l’Église célèbre « La Dédicace de la Basilique du Latran ». Cette fête a rang de Solennité dans le calendrier liturgique ; nous célébrons le Christ, le vrai Temple de Dieu, dont toutes nos églises ou cathédrales sont des signes.







8:00 : Mass celebrated in the choir of the Cathedral
9:00 : Mass celebrated in the choir of the Cathedral
12:00 : Mass celebrated at the high altar

17h45 : Vespers of the Latran dedication retransmitted live on KTO, Catholic television.
18:15 : Mass celebrated at the high altar



The Lateran Basilica

In 312, the Roman Emperor Constantine, who had just converted to Christianity, gave Pope MILTIADES the Laterani Palace on Mount Coelius in Rome, and built it shortly after a church, the Lateran Basilica. It was consecrated in 324, and became the Pope's Church as the Bishop of Rome. It remained until today. For the Cathedral of the Bishop of Rome, the Pope, is not Saint Peter, as many believe, but the Basilica of the Lateran. And as the Bishop of Rome is also the Supreme pastor of the Catholic Church, his Church is somehow the "mother and head of all churches," as the inscription above the portal of the Basilica says. Celebrating the dedication of the Lateran, that is, its official consecration, is thus a way of celebrating the unity of the Catholic Church of which it is the symbol.


The true temple of God

The liturgical texts of the feast also remind us that we must not go wrong with the temple. Whatever love and respect we bring to the churches built by our fathers, they are all just stone buildings. The true temple is Christ, for "in him dwell the fullness of divinity." It was he whom the Prophet Ezékiel had announced after the destruction of the first Temple of Jerusalem, and Jesus himself, announcing the destruction of the second temple, will announce the uplifting of a building that no one can destroy: his own body of glory. As for the second reading, she tells us that by having been grafted on Christ through baptism, we have been integrated into the construction of the only temple where God finds his glory: the total Christ, head and limbs. Our dignity is to be, through the sanctity of our lives, "living stones", and not vermouread, of the Church.

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