Call to the denier of the church
published on 11/02/2011 in 2011

February 2011, 2015
To participate in the denier of the Church is to allow the Church to live. Your generosity is necessary for the life of the Cathedral and that of the diocese. It marks your attachment to all that our Lady represents.

February 2011, 2015

Sacraments, celebrations and prayers, sharing and transmission of faith, organization of solidarity, support for families and isolated people, participation in the life of the universal Church...: your parish has a thousand faces.

To participate in the denier of the Church is to allow the Church to live: to live the priests, to remunerate the laity who are called, more and more, to fulfil missions; to assume the many expenses of church maintenance and the planning of parish premises, expenditure of animation, of training, but also to allow solidarity between the parishes.

Each Catholic is therefore invited to help financially his parish, his diocese. The Cathedral of Notre-Dame de Paris needs your generosity to ensure its missions of reception of the faithful, pilgrims and visitors from all over the world and to convey to everyone the message of the Gospel!







import-1536. jpgimport-1537. jpgBeloved brothers and sisters,

If you have answered the 2010 call for the denier of the Church, we thank you again very much. Now here is the call for 2011.

Notre-Dame de Paris, mother church of the diocese, guardian of the Holy Crown of Epines, the high place of history, whose spiritual Radiance is universal, welcomes 13.7 million of the faithful and visitors from all over the world. They find the message of the Gospel.
We strive to preserve and even to develop its pastoral mission, in particular with the four daily masses, the daily Office of the Vespers, the six Dominican masses and the laudes, the great ceremonies, the sacred music, the places of prayer and the permanent reception by priests and laity.
Cardinal André Vingt-Trois, Archbishop of Paris, presided over the Eucharist every Sunday evening, during the great celebrations of our liturgical calendar and exceptional celebrations.

– In August we had the great sorrow to lead to his last abode Mgr Paul Guiberteau who had been at the service of the Cathedral since 1996. We found a lot of people at the beginning of a mass for him.
– On the first of September, after wishing good wind to the fathers Ma and disguise, we welcomed three new student priests and a chaplain who is Canon and Professor at the Ecole Cathedrale. They are all housed in the House of the chaals. These are the fathers Godjo, Houssou and Yerbanga and the Canon DuPont-Fauville also responsible for the service of permanent deacons.
– We ensure with the channel KTO Catholic television and our direction, the live broadcast of the week's Vespers and Sunday night mass, not to mention the many exceptional celebrations (Holy week, diaconal ordinations, priestly and Episcopal...) and of course we do not forget the partnership with radio Notre-Dame and its famous Radio-Don in the Cathedral.
– From the first Sunday of advent to the presentation of the Lord in the temple, whilea very large fir tree welcomes visitors on the Parvis, we have installed as every year a very nice Crib along the bas reliefs of the choir and proposed, every weekend in the evening, an audio-visual show.
– Every Sunday of advent, the fathers Sicard and Roger gave Advent talks on the theme: "the sacraments of initiation". 800 faithful participated in it, it was a kind of pastoral retreat.
– For the Nativity of the Lord, during the nine masses and offices, we welcomed 35 000 faithful: a record attendance!
– Also in December the Rector offered the vows of the Cathedral to the employees, volunteers and chaplain and thanked them for the work and services rendered.
– In January, during a celebration of Thanksgiving, we welcomed the permanent deacons and their wives around the Archbishop
– On Saturday, January 8, 2011, the Cathedral was buzzing... It was the announcement of a big party: theordination of 3 deacons and 3 priests for the foreign missions of Paris. The Cathedral was crowded and we lived a unique celebration retransmitted on K.T.O. Fourteen bishops were present including the Cardinals twenty-three and Barbarin. At the end of the mass their superior general unveiled and announced the places (dioceses) where they were sent: Madagascar, Japan, Singapore, Thailand...
– In the second half of January, the Cathedral received the Cathedral rectors with the Apostolic Nuncio and we ended up around the Archbishop of Paris to celebrate a mass for our brothers and sisters in Baghdad And from Alexandria heavily experienced by the attacks.
– On 16 January, Cardinal André Vingt-Trois appointed Vice-Chairman of the management board Mr Michel Hémonnot for three renewable years. We welcomed him and we expressed to our friend Philippe Gros, Vice-President for nine years, our gratitude and our best wishes for the future.

These very fruitful pastoral experiences require important means which, as you can see, are being deployed to welcome you as much as possible. We need to watch, light, heat. Eight chaplain, four student priests, ten confessors and nearly fifty employees are at the service of Notre-Dame, not to mention the many volunteers (reception, host communities in the artistic sites, youth welcome, clerics...).
Website service is enriched and is thus a new communication tool visited by more than 7 000 people on average per day.

To cope with these burdens, various financial resources are mobilized and in particular the denier of the Church.
This is why your generosity is even more necessary this year to the life of the Cathedral and the diocese. It marks your attachment to all that our Lady represents. We had the opportunity to express it directly to some of you. We'll do it again.

By thanking you for what you have already done through quests, gifts and bequests, and from what you will do by the denier of the Church, we ask you to believe, beloved brothers and sisters, to our devotion to our Lord by our Lady.


Monsignor Patrick JACQUIN, Rector-Archpriest of the Cathedral
Mr Michel HÉMONNOT, Vice-President of the Management Board



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