Les Trésors de Notre Dame

The west façade is the cathedral’s greatest treasure. Its proportions, elevation, and sculptures make it a genuine monumental masterpiece.

In the Middle Ages, a large isolating wall was installed around the choir, forming a semi-chapel in the large cathedral, to encourage reflection. The canons, the cathedral’s priests, could go there to pray, set away from the noise that visiting pilgrims could make. This wall is home to sculptures that depict scenes from the life of Jesus, not unlike a magnificent comic strip.

Notre-Dame de Paris has a vast treasure: its three large rosettes. These examples of technical and artistic prowess were constructed in the 13th century.

At the back of the nave, under the rosette lies the great organ of Notre-Dame de
Paris It is an immense musical instrument that contains more than 8,000 pipes!

Notre-Dame’s gargoyles are very famous! I’m sure you’ve heard of them before. But do you know what they’re used for?

Dans l’une des tours de Notre-Dame se trouve une énorme cloche que l’on appelle le Bourdon Emmanuel...

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