The Organ

The organ add to the cathedral’s acoustics and architecture. They play a key role in the cathedral’s musical and liturgical life and contribute to the beauty of the services and to Notre-Dame de Paris’s spiritual and artistic influence.

They are three at Notre-Dame de Paris:

- the great organ, which has five keyboards, one hundred ninety ties and eight thousand pipes; it is the largest organ in France and without a doubt the most famous organ in the world;
- the choir organ, an instrument with thirty ties and two thousand pipes, whose 19th century neo-Gothic buffet is perched on the choir stalls on the North side;
- a positive organ with one keyboard and five ties, a portable instrument for continuo to accompany the Notre-Dame de Paris choir school’s ensembles and soloists.

The great organ of Notre-Dame de Paris is a monument to several centuries of French music and organ building, and is one of the rare instruments in France that can be used to play many different repertories with sincerity and emotion and to encourage creation through composition and improvisation.

The choir organ in the cathedral of Notre-Dame de Paris is 30-stop instrument with two keyboards and a pedalboard.

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