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850 years

The Cathedral will celebrate 850 years of History, Art and Spirituality at the heart of Paris from the 12th December 2012 to 24th November 2013, in a year marked by many liturgical, cultural and artistic events, as well as by major renovation projects, some of which follow in the footsteps of the Cathedral’s original builders.

This anniversary year will be an opportunity to glorify this church building, which, every year, welcomes some 14 million people who come to visit, pray, and take part in the Eucharist. It will also be an opportunity to reflect on the building’s history, by way of its architecture, its works of art and the worship that takes place here.

Major renovation projects

Many renovation projects are underway to celebrate the Cathedral’s 850th Anniversary. You can already admire the new layout of the Treasury, as well as the new lighting of the church, put in place at the beginning of 2012. The Great Organ has been newly refurbished and new bells in the tours will be rung as of March 2013.

The Jubilee Path

The Jubilee Door, accessible by two ramps, opens onto a path that leads up to the West Facade, following the traces of the former street named rue Neuve Notre-Dame. The path culminates in rows of seats facing the facade. A lift is provided to allow members of the public with reduced mobility access to the stands, which can host up to 1000 visitors!
A series of tents on either side of the Jubilee Path can be made available for visiting groups, for conference hire, for Art and Craft exhibitions and for use by Charities.

A Cultural discovery route

An unprecedented pathway leads visitors from the square outside the Cathedral to the interior of the church, inviting them to rediscover the treasures of Notre-Dame. This path is marked by eight steps highlighting key elements of the Cathedral: its architecture, sculptures, stained-glass windows and other treasures.

Pilgrim Bag

The Pilgrim Bag will be sold on the Cathedral square. It includes the objects needed on the pilgrimage way. 10€ is the issue price. A version for children exists (5€). Groups can pre-order the bags and collect them on their arrival in the Cathedral square.

Events calendar of the 850 years

On the square of the cathedral the way of the 850 years...

The 19th of january, La Poste will produce a pad of two stamps.

saturday 2nd february 2013 and exhibition until the end of february 2013

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