Notre-Dame de Paris has a vast treasure: its three large rosettes. These examples of technical and artistic prowess were constructed in the 13th century. The largest two measure 13 metres in diameter. The King Saint Louis delayed his departure for the second crusade so he could see them completed. It was in the year 1270, and he would never come back.
They represent the flowers of Heaven, which resemble roses with multi-coloured glass petals. Each coloured petal sets off the others, but the design is not only used for its visual impact, it is a reminder that everyone is unique, but the children of God are even more beautiful when they come together! Each medallion represents a different person, Prophets, Saints, Angels, Kings, Scenes from the lives of the Saints, work through song, virtues… all whirling on vast wheels around the central medallion, which features two rose windows depicting the Virgin and Baby Jesus and another showing Christ in majesty.

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