The Organ



At the back of the nave, under the rosette lies the great organ of Notre-Dame de
Paris It is an immense musical instrument that contains more than 8,000 pipes!
The organist speaks through it, using five keyboards (as if there were five
piano keyboards on top of each other!) and a pedalboard. Each pipe works by sending air through a flute, which makes sounds. There are more than 8,000 pipes, the largest is more than 10 metres tall, and the smallest is less than 1 centimetre tall! You need a great amount of air in the large bellows to make the instrument sing.




The organ is a major character at the cathedral. It serves as a background for the worshippers’ prayer through song and accompanies special times during mass, such as opening and closing processions. Every Sunday afternoon, you can attend recitals given by organists who have come from all over the world.



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La console du grand orgue

avec ses cinq claviers et son pédalier où l’organiste joue aussi avec ses pieds
© Gérard Boullay

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