How to visit Notre-Dame

Individual visits

Every day of the year, you are free to visit the cathedral and participate in services between 8 am and 6:45 pm (7:15 on Saturdays and Sundays).
The cathedral organises visits every day. You can join one of them and visit Notre-Dame de Paris and learn about its significance by looking at its architecture, its stained glass windows, its sculptures, its History, its life and its influence. For visit times, see the site agenda.
There are also audioguides at the reception desk, in case you miss the start of the tour! The cathedral treasury is really interesting, too. You can see objects from every century made by the best gold workers who wanted to give the Lord their very best work. For more information on opening hours, visit this page.
You can climb up to the cathedral towers, too, and see the biggest bell, called the Emmanuel bell. But make sure you’re in good shape, because there are 380 steps up to the top! Under the square in front, there’s an archaeological Crypt showing the ruins of ancient Paris. They discovered them during excavations. Visit this page for all the information on the Towers and the Crypt.

For school groups

Notre-Dame de Paris has a Youth Reception service. It
is organised by volunteers trained by the cathedral, who lead a visit
of the building that varies according to the visitors’ age group. This visit, which lasts approximately one hour
(or less for the youngest visitors), highlights the its Christian message
by examining the cathedral as a work of art and the artwork it houses. These tours are free of charge, paid for by the cathedral. If you wish, you may
make a donation to the cathedral to help cover the fees related to this Service.
— Who is the Youth Reception Service designed for?
early primary school classes, who are sensitive to
the colours in rosettes;
middle school classes who are aware of medieval society and its
high school classes who are studying the history of French literature;
university students studying literature, history or tourism…
chaplain schools, youth groups
the possibilities are endless for all age levels, from
primary school to university.
These tours are available by reservation only, during school sessions
(Académie de Paris).
To organise a visit, send your request
several weeks beforehand, by email to, or by
fax to 01 42 34 52 87 or by post to Service Accueil-Jeunes – Notre-Dame de Paris – 6, Place du Parvis – 75004 Paris. Please include the number of students, their age, and any other special requests.

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