Adding to the treasury

Most of the new contributions to the Treasury came from donations. Under the Ancien Régime, all the kings and many of their family members gave gifts to Notre-Dame.

In 1789, the Treasury still housed the golden Saint Sébastien picture, which was donated by the Duke of Berry in 1406. This tradition was perpetuated in the 19th century, as sovereigns commissioned famous artists and craftsmen for important events during their reigns: Te Deum after a victory (the Louis XVIII monstrance), a princely baptism (ornaments given by Napoleon III in 1856 when the Imperial Prince was baptised), a wedding or a coronation(significant donations by Napoleon in 1804).

Several popes who were close to the Paris Church made additions to the Treasury (chalices from Leo XIII and John XXIII) as did visiting sovereigns (a Cross given by the Emperor of Ethiopia). Prelates and canons have willed chalices, ciboria and chapels, given to them by believers during their ministry, to the Treasury.

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