Visits organised by the Cathedral

For individual tours

Every day of the year, the cathedral of Notre-Dame de Paris and the C.A.S.A. (Communauté d’Accueil dans les Sites Artistiques) Association organise visits in various languages. These tours present the spiritual message of this great Christian site, through its History, its architecture, its sculptures, its windows, and more.

Visits leave at the following times, from under the great organ.

French: Monday to Friday at 2 and 3 pm (except the first Friday of the month and every Friday during Lent); Saturday & Sunday at 2:30 pm
du lundi au vendredi à 14h00 & 15h00 (sauf le 1er vendredi du mois et tous les vendredis de carême) ; samedi & dimanche à 14h30


German: Wednesday 2 pm; Saturday 2:30 pm
Kostenlos geführte Besichtigungen : Freitag 14.00 ; Samstag 14.00


English: Wednesday 2 pm; Thursday 2 pm; Saturday 2:30 pm



Spanish: Saturday 2:30 pm
Visita guiada gratís : Sábado 14.30


Italian: Thursday 2 pm
Visite guidate gratuite in lingua italiana, offerte dalla cattedrale : Il giovedi’ alle 14h.


Portuguese : Friday 2 pm
Tour gratuito : Sexta Feira 14h


Japanese: Friday 2 pm
日本語 金曜日 午後2時 : (木曜日になる場合があります)


Russian: Wednesday 2 pm; Saturday 2:30 pm
Бесплатное посещение Собора : По средам в 14ч, По субботам в 14ч 30


Chinese: First and third Wednesday of the month 2:30 pm



These visits are free of charge.

Click here to get all these times on the site agenda. Click here.

In summer, tours are given by young “CASA International” volunteers. Call the cathedral office to check times (01 42 34 56 10).

For groups

The cathedral is a place of worship, so all visitors must remain silent. This will provide worshippers with optimum conditions for meditation and prayer and ensure that services go smoothly. For this reason, the cathedral’s clergy requests that all professional guides explaining the façade’s detailed iconography follow their groups inside the cathedral, while respecting the need for silence.

Special requests may be sent to

For school groups

Notre-Dame de Paris has a Youth Reception service. It is organised by volunteers trained by the cathedral, who lead a visit of the building that varies according to the visitors’ age group. This visit, which lasts approximately one hour (or less for the youngest visitors), highlights the its Christian message by examining the cathedral as a work of art and the artwork it houses. These tours are free of charge, paid for by the cathedral. If you wish, you may
make a donation to the cathedral to help cover the fees related to this Service.

Who is the Youth Reception Service ?
- designed for early primary school classes, who are sensitive to the colours in rosettes;
- middle school classes who are aware of medieval society and its architecture;
- high school classes who are studying the history of French literature;
- university students studying literature, history or tourism…
- chaplain schools, youth groups
- the possibilities are endless for all age levels, from primary school to university.

These tours are available by reservation only, during school sessions (Académie de Paris). To organise a visit, send your request several weeks beforehand, by email to, or by fax to 01 42 34 52 87 or by post to Service Accueil-Jeunes – Notre-Dame de Paris – 6, Place du Parvis – 75004 Paris. Please include the number of students, their age, and any other special requests

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