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The great gothic nave at Notre-Dame de Paris, planted on the banks of the Seine for the past eight centuries, was built on prayer. Cardinal Lustiger wrote that this building, which lives through the faith and prayer of its believers, is steeped in human and Christian experience . Cardinal Feltin [1] wrote that the lines of the arches and the spire convey the movement of prayer, through which the soul raises itself upward to God, who is the Spirit and Love . All is prayer in this great Christian site.


The prayers rise endlessly heavenward, with four daily masses, six Sunday masses, Lauds and Vespers services, the prayer requests of pilgrims, visitors, believers and non-believers, the willing of all ages, all conditions and all nationalities, who have come to confide in Notre-Dame.



Today, you can add your stone to the building by submitting your prayer request to Notre-Dame online.
Your request will be added to those the thousands of daily pilgrims and visitors write each day in the prayer books at the foot of the statue of Notre-Dame de Paris, which are read every evening after the last mass, to the Virgin Mary.
Enter your prayer request in the field below.

Enter your prayer request in the field below.



[1archbishop of Paris from 1949 to 1966

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