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Alma Redemptoris mater


Around Advent and Christmas, we salute Our Lady more specifically as the mother who gave wonderful birth to God, who came to forgive man of his sin. The 11th century monk Herman le Boiteux is presumed to be the author of this Antiphony.


Listen to this Antiphony dedicated to the Virgin Mary, the Alma Redemptoris Mater, sung by the Notre-Dame choir by clicking here.



 Alma Redemptóris Máter,
 quæ pérvia cæli pórta mánes,
 Et stélla máris,
 succúrre cadénti
 súrgere qui cúrat pópulo:
 Tu quæ genuísti, natúra miránte,
 túum sánctum Genitórem
 Virgo prius ac postérius,
 Gabriélis ab óre
 súmens íllud Ave,
 peccatórum miserére.

Loving Mother of our Saviour,
hear thou thy people’s cry,
star of the deep and Portal of the sky!
Sinking we strive
and call to thee for aid:
Oh, by what joy
which Gabriel
brought to thee,
Thou virgin
first and last,
let us thy mercy see.

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