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Ave Regina Cælorum


This Antiphony dedicated to Mary was used in Assumption services starting in the 12th century. This salute to the Queen of the Heavens, this radiant admiration uses every possible term for praise: Ave, Salve, Gaude, Vale.

Since the 14th century, it has been the Spring Antiphony, maybe because it praises Mary as the earthly root, Salve radix, of this light that opens onto the world – isn’t spring the time when days get endlessly longer and life sprouts up from root to branch?
At Notre-Dame de Paris, tradition has it that before the great mass, the Ave Regina is sung in front of the statue of the Queen of the Heavens, which is why this antiphony is sung every Sunday at the end of the Lauds service(except during the Easter season, when the Regina Cæli is sung instead).


Listen to this Antiphony dedicated to the Virgin Mary, the Ave Regina Cælorum by clicking here.




- Ave, Regína cælórum
- Ave, Dómina Angelórum,
- Sálve rádix, sálve, pórta,
- Ex qua múndo lux est órta.
- Gáude, Vírgo gloriósa,
- Super ómnes speciósa ;
- Vále, o valde decóra
- Et pro nóbis Christum exóra.

Hail, Queen of the Heavens!
Hail, ruler of the angels!
Hail, root of Jesse! Hail, portal from whom light has shone to the world!
Hail, Virgin most glorious,
Beautiful above all!
Farewell, O most comely,
And pray to Christ for us.

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