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Beloved Brothers and Sisters,


Notre-Dame de Paris, mother church of the diocese, guardian of the Holy Crown of Thorns, great historical site whose spiritual influence is universal,
welcomes each year 13 million believers and pilgrims from every continent. They come to hear the message of the Gospel.

We are committed to preserving and developing its preaching mission, in particular, through four daily masses, six Sunday masses, services, major celebrations, holy music, prayer sites and permanent reception by priests and lay people.

Your generosity is necessary to the Cathedral’s life and that of the diocese. It shows your attachment to everything that Notre-Dame represents.

Thank you for everything you have done through your offerings, donations and legacies, and everything you will do through your contributions to the Church. Beloved Brother and Sisters, be assured of our devotion to our Lord, Son of Mary.


Msgr. Patrick Jacquin, Archpriest and Rector of the Cathedral
Mr. Philippe Gros, Vice President of the Management Council



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- Cathédrale Notre-Dame de Paris
- Denier de l’Eglise, dons et legs
- 6 Parvis Notre-Dame - Place Jean-Paul II
- 75004 Paris



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