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Night shows

Fridays, saturdays and sundays at 9:30 PM

Notre-Dame de Paris has regularly welcomed thousands of visitors from the world over for Night Shows. These shows are operas composed of sounds and images and are projected on a transparent tulle screen measuring over 100 square meters hanging in the nave. These Night Shows are free of charge.

The spectacle of images projected on to this transparent fabric is staggering. The film floats in the center of the building without blocking visibility. The effect is halting, as if witnessing an apparition. It is a rare chance to absorb the cathedral’s spirit at nightfall, a magical time when Notre-Dame is closed to the public. Télérama

Projections take place in the evening, at a special moment when the cathedral rediscovers its calm and fascinating silence...

The projections are for children and adults alike. Entrance is free and during the projection, you can (if you wish) contribute what you would like towards costs in order to help us guarantee that these Night Services can continue.

The schedule of Night Services is available on the agenda. For more information: 01 42 34 56 10.



- Every Friday, Saturday and Sunday in July and August at 9.30 PM ).
- Every Saturday and Sunday in September at 9.15 PM. No show on 20th and 27th of september.
- Every Saturday and Sunday in October at 9.15 PM

This summer, from July to October, Notre-Dame’s Night Services present the film "Notre-Dame de Paris, living cathedral."

Free admission, donations accepted.

This hour-long film offers an introduction to the Notre-Dame de Paris cathedral, a masterpiece of Gothic art, but above all "the House of the Lord and the dwelling-place of Man."

We take a look at the 850-year history of the cathedral, from its construction in the Middle Ages through to the present day, its worldwide reputation and influence, as well as providing a more detailed insight into the architecture and the building techniques employed, its facades, portals, rose windows, wooden framework, the great bell, the organs, the music of the cathedral, the pure beauty of the liturgical ceremonies held there, and much more. The video includes exceptional views of the cathedral and 3D reconstructions.

"Notre-Dame de Paris, living cathedral" is a film co-produced by Notre-Dame de Paris and A Travers Production.

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