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Return of the old bells of the North tower

The old bells of Notre Dame, installed in 1856 and replaced in 2013, were placed in the apse of the cathedral, in the street Rue du Cloitre, today. They were made ​​by the foundry Guillaume and Besson in Angers.



The nine new bells are now in place in the North and South towers, in addition to the bourdon Emmanuel. The bourdon Mary is placed in the North tower, and Gabriel, Anne-Geneviève Denis Marcel, Stephen, Benedict Joseph, Maurice and Jean-Marie in the South tower.

Regarding the old bells, Angélique-Françoise, Antoinette-Charlotte, Hyacinthe-Jeanne, Denise-David, the choice of this location by the Ministry of Culture, near the cathedral, is intended to recall the link that united them and talk about their historical role for the public: these bells rang in 1944 the liberation of Paris.


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