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Bees of Notre-Dame de Paris

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During the Spring 2013, a hive has taken place on the roof of the sacristy, near the park Jean XXIII, around the cathedral.

Notre-Dame de Paris, accommodating this hive, matches the preservation of the dynamic biodiversity and hopes to remember the beauty of creation and the responsibility of Man towards her.

This hive has been offered by Nicolas Géant, beekeeper, who disposes many hives on the roofs of Paris.

Bees of this hive are Brother Adam, bees which one of the main characteristics is the gentleness, essential virtue for an urban beekeeping.

The city, a refuge for bees

Source : Paris.fr

In town, more clement temperatures, the diversity of plants, la diversité des plantations, farming without any chemical fertilizer or any pesticide, the growth of green ways charm bees.

In the gardens, blooms spread from spring to fall and the bees will forage more of the year. A bee gathers 700 flowers per day within a radius of three kilometers from the hive. Most plants can not fertilize without foraging bees.

Their role is essential in nature. The presence of bees is a sign of good health of our environment and their preservation is also protecting the planet.

Saint John Chrysostom and the bee, subject of inspiration for the christian

Saint John Chrysostom, in one of his homily to the people of Antioche, évoque l’œuvre de la providence divine tout aussi admirable dans la création des plus petits des insectes que dans celle du firmament : "Put your eyes on the bee. Constantly busy, she works for the service of man as well as for his own use, which is the image of the Christian there: it looks less interests than those of others. You see go to the meadow there pick up the loot that will enrich a foreign table. Imitate his example, O man! Whoever you are, rich to spread in the breast of the poor, the treasures of your wealth; scientist to produce without your knowledge and distribute them in the community. What is the glory of the bee, which is not to be laborious, it is to be for the public good."


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Arrival of the hive on the day of its installation.



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Nicolas Geant with the hive on the roof of the sacristy.



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Preparing the hive before releasing bees.



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Nicolas Géant and beekeeper collaborator in charge of monitoring the hive, Sibyle Moulin.



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The hive installed in one of the walkway of the roofs of the sacristy.




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JPEG - 145.2 kb
The bee "Brother Adam", known for its softness, and one of the urban species.



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