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Chime of the new bells of Notre-Dame de Paris

Saturday 23rd of march 2013 à 5 PM

After their blessing the 2nd of february 2013 by cardinal André VINGT-TROIS, archbishop of Paris, and their installation in the towers of Notre-Dame, the eight new bells and the bourdon Marie will associate for the first time their voices to the bourdon Emmanuel, the day before Palm Sunday, opening of the Holly Week.


The event will take place outside the cathedral. All parisians are invited to atend this major event.

Cardinal André VINGT-TROIS and numerous guests will speak at the tribune for official speeches.

A short film tracing the history of the bells and the creation of this new set will be projected on big screens installed on this occasion.

The new sounds of bells will be heard for the first time.






Bells in the towers

JPEG - 135.3 kb
Bourdon Marie in the belfry south



JPEG - 133 kb
Bell Anne-Genevieve in the belfry south



JPEG - 127.2 kb
Bell Jean-Marie (right) and bell Etienne (left) in the belfry north



JPEG - 132.8 kb
Bell Gabriel in the belfry north



Presentation of the bells

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Bourdon Marie

g#, 13 278 lbs, 81 inches. In honor of the Blessed VIRGIN MARY, Mother of God and Mother of the Church, and special protector of Notre-Dame Cathedral, mother church of the Archdiocese of Paris. And in memory of the first great bell named "MARIE", which rang from 1378 to 1792. © Cailloux et Cie.


JPEG - 133.4 kb
Bell Gabriel

a#, 9 176 lbs, 72 inches. The angel GABRIEL brought to mankind the long-awaited announcement of the coming of the Savior and it is he who greeted the Virgin Mary as full of grace. © Cailloux et Cie.


JPEG - 128.6 kb
Bell Anne-Genviève

b, 7 665 lbs, 68 inches. In memory of SAINT ANNE, the mother of the Blessed Virgin Mary who gave birth to the only son of God, and in memory of SAINT GENEVIEVE, patron saint and protector of Paris. © Cailloux et Cie.


JPEG - 124.3 kb
Bell Denis

c’#, 5 516 lbs, 60 inches. SAINT DENIS, the first bishop of Paris, was sent by the bishop of Rome with his companions, the priest Saint RUSTIC and the deacon Saint ELEUTHERE to spread the Gospel of salvation and suffer martyrdom as a witness to Him who gives life to the dead. © Cailloux et Cie.


JPEG - 130.7 kb
Bell Marcel

d’#, 4 244 lbs, 55 inches. SAINT MARCEL, the ninth bishop of Paris, who lived in the fifth century, was particularly revered by Parisians for his charity towards the poor and the sick. © Cailloux et Cie.


JPEG - 125.2 kb
Bell Etienne

f’, 3 294 lbs, 50 inches. In memory of the former cathedral of Paris, which preceded the present-day Cathedral, and which was placed under the protection of SAINT ETIENNE (SAINT STEPHEN), the very first martyr. © Cailloux et Cie.


JPEG - 140.2 kb
Bell Benoit-Joseph

f’#, 2 886 lbs, 47 inches. In order to mark Notre-Dame Cathedral’s 850th anniversary year, which began in this Year of Faithcelebrated by the universal Church, under the Pontificate of His Holiness POPE BENEDICT XVI. © Cailloux et Cie.


JPEG - 133.9 kb
Bell Maurice.

g’#, 2 229 lbs, 43 inches. In memory of Maurice de SULLY, the bishop of Paris who laid the first stone of Notre-Dame Cathedral in 1163. © Cailloux et Cie.


JPEG - 136.5 kb
Bell Jean-Marie

a’#, 1 724 lbs, 39 inches. In tribute to Cardinal Jean-Marie LUSTIGER, the Archbishop of Paris from 1981 to 2005. © Cailloux et Cie.


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