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Holy Thursday

Thursday 28th of march 2013

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On that day, there is no mass at 8 AM, 9 AM and 12 PM, nor vespers at 5.45 PM.


- 9 AM : ceremony of Tenebrae
presided by Monsignor BEAU, auxiliary bishop of Paris

- 6.30 PM : Mass in commemoration of the Last Supper
présided by cardinal André VINGT-TROIS, archbishop of Paris
Choir of Notre-Dame de Paris, Lionel SOW, direction

- 7.45 PM : Procession to repository

- until 10 PM : Adoration of the Blessed-Sacrement at the repository




Before he died, Jesus took his last meal with the twelve apostles in the room called the "Cenacle" St. Paul and the evangelists Mark, Luke and Matthew relate the stories of the Last Supper instituting the Eucharist in which the bread and wine become the Body and Blood of Jesus Christ. By the Eucharist, Christ gives grace in advance and offers his body and blood for the salvation of men. After the Last Supper, the hour of trial approaching, Christ went to the Mount of Olives with the apostles to stay awake and pray.

Cardinal André VINGT-TROIS presides this celebration in memory of the Last Supper, during which he repeats the gesture of the washing of feet like Jesus did to his disciples. Then the faithfuls join in the prayer of Christ that evening, ensuring with the Blessed Sacrament late into the night in the chapel of the Blessed Sacrament that has been converted into a repository.



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La Cène

Clôture Nord du chœur de Notre-Dame de Paris - Premier quart du XIVe siècle. © Boullay






Holy week and Easter 2013 in Notre-Dame de Paris

Participation in liturgical celebrations is open to the public and free of charge, it is not necessary and not possible to make a reservation. To attend services, please take any seat in the nave 15 to 20 minuts before services.

- Palm Sunday, 24th of march 2013
- Holy Tuesday 26th of march 2013 : Concert of the Holy week
- Holy Thursday, 28th of march 2013
- Good Friday, 29th of march 2013
- Holy Saturday, 30th of march 2013
- Easter Sunday, 31st of march 2013

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