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Events not to be missed

12.12.2012 - Opening of the Jubilee Year
Official Opening of the 850 years of Notre Dame de Paris and of the Jubilee Path.

12.12.2012 - Academic Symposium at the “Collège des Bernardins”
From 12th to 15th December 2012.

18.12.2012 - Opening Concert of the 850 years musical season.
Vespro della Beata Vergine by Claudio Monteverdi.

24.12.2012 - Vigil and Midnight Mass for Christmas, broadcasted by “ le Jour du Seigneur”.

25.12.2012 - Christmas Mass, broadcasted by “ le Jour du Seigneur”.

19.01.2013 - Launch of the 850 years stamp.
Two stamps issued by the national mail delivery service La Poste will celebrate the anniversary of the Cathedral.

02.02.2013 - Blessing of the bells and the Children’s Jubilee Celebration
The eight new bells of the North Tower as well as the Tenor Bell, “Marie”, of the South Tower will be blessed by the Cardinal before being installed at the end of the month.

February 2013 - The new bells will be exhibited in the nave for three weeks.

23.03.2013 - The new bells ring for the first time

06.05.2013 - World Organ Day
850 organ concerts will be performed around the world in a 24 hour period.

29.06.2013 - Young people’s Jubilee Celebration
at the same time as the ceremony for the Ordination of new priests.

14.08.2013 - The Solumnity of the Assumption vigil
River procession on the river Seine

15.08.2013 - The Solumnity of the Assumption
Renewal of the vow of Louis XIII Procession on Saint Louis and Cité islands

24.11.2013 - Closing Celebration of the Jubilee Year

10.12.2013 - Closing Concert of the 850 years musical season
Virgin Vespers by Philippe Hersant, a commissioned work by Notre Dame de Paris.


Partners events

04.10.2012 -> 24.02.2013 - Exhibition at Musée Carnavalet
« The colours of heaven. Paintings from 17th-century Paris churches»

12.12.2012 -> 15.03.2013 - Exhibition at Bibliothèque Mazarine
Facing the Academic Symposium at Collège des Bernardins, the Bibliothèque Mazarine and the Research Institute of Texts History offer an exhibition presenting medieval and modern manuscripts, often richly illuminated and a few rare books dealing with the cathedral Notre-Dame de Paris.

12.12.2012 - Exhibition opening at the archeological crypt « Paris disparu / Paris restitué »
Exhibition about the « City », heart of Paris, when she was Lutecia and during the cathedral building’s period.

21.11.2013 -> 22.11.2013 - Academic Symposium at Paris Town Hall
« D’une rive à l’autre, l’hôtel de Ville et la cathédrale Notre-Dame dans l’histoire parisienne. Pouvoirs, aménagement urbain, sociabilités. »

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