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A way of pilgrimage

A way of pilgrimage in Notre-Dame de Paris.

The heart of this 850th birthday is, of course, the pilgrimage, that the cathedrale offers from the 12th of december 2012 until the 24th of November 2013. Faithfuls, but also visitors, are all invited to discover the Christ by taking the way of 850 years.

The Cathedral invites all those who so wish to come on a pilgrimage to Notre Dame de Paris, during its 850th anniversary year. This is an invitation to set out and follow Mary, then to let Her lead us to Jesus. Through Mary, God wants to give us His Son: “For God so loved the world,that he gave his only Son, that whoever believes in him should not perish but have eternal life” (John 3, 16). And it’s through Her that God prepares us to receive the Blessings that He desires to lavish upon us, whilst on a pilgrimage to Notre Dame de Paris.

Live the Year of Faith at Notre Dame de Paris
Responding to the call of Pope Benedict XVI in his Apostolic Letter Porta Fidei, 11th October 2011, we hope that this pilgrimage might take part in the dynamism of the Year of Faith for the Universal Church. As indicated in the Pastoral recommendations for the Year of Faith, this year will encourage a deeper understanding of the “foundation of Christian Faith”: “Based on the encounter of Jesus Christ, the Faith would be rediscovered in its integrity and its magnificence.” “In our days too, faith is a gift to rediscover, to cultivate and to bear witness to” so that the Lord “grants each one of us to live the beauty and joy of being Christians”.

Via Viatores Quaerit
I am the Way which seeks travellers
Saint Augustine

By choosing a theme which enables a deeper understanding of the pastoral proposals set out for the Year of Faith, we hope to invite pilgrims to rediscover the foundations of the Christian Faith by going back to its source, the Word of God, and by rereading the texts of the Magisterium (Second Vatican Council, Catechism of the Catholic Church).

This pilgrimage is a call to conversion in view of a personal encounter with the Lord. According to Saint Augustine, the human life is like a way that we walk, a route on which we are called to move forward towards a goal much greater than ourselves, and towards which we have constantly to progress. This way on which we travel is Jesus Christ. He invites us to follow Him.
The Jubilee Year, like our lives as we are called to live them, is first of all a time to give thanks for all that we’ve experienced, a time to be freed from our faults and, especially, a time to remind us of the freedom that we receive in Christ.

This year must renew us in Faith and Hope, spur us to action, and help us to acknowledge the presence of God in our lives. Not only 2000 years ago, but here and now God continues to reveal Himself to us !



« I am the way that seeks the travellers »

Saint Augustin


En réponse à l’appel du pape Benoit XVI dans sa lettre apostolique Porta Fidei du 11 octobre 2011,


The entrance is free.
Disabled access.

Opening hours
The cathedral and the jubilé way are open everyday from 8 AM to 6.45 PM.

Organised pilgrimages
To prepare your pilgrimage, you can contact us :

Pilgrims mass
Pilgrims accompanied by a priest can have a mass said in the choir at 10 AM or 4 PM everyday but sundays.
Contact us for more informations.

The Pilgrim bag
A pilgrim bag is sold on the square, including various articles to help you in your pilgrimage. The price of the adult bag is 10 €, and the children one is 5 €.


Mass schedule

Week masses :
- 8 AM mass in the choir
- 9 AM mass in the choir
- 12 AM mass at the main altar
- 5.45 PM vespers
- 6.15 PM mass at the main altar

Sunday masses
On saturdays
- 5.45 PM vespers
- 6.30 PM mass at the main altar

On sundays, all masses are celebrated at the main altar
- 8.30 mass
- 9.30 Lauds
- 10 AM Gregorian mass
- 11.30 AM International mass
- 12.45 AM mass
- 5.45 PM vespers
- 6.30 PM mass at the main altar

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