Visits offered by the Cathedral

For individual visits

Every day of the year, tours are available by the Cathedral Notre Dame de Paris and the Association C.A.S.A. (community home in the artistic Sites) in different languages to present the message of spiritual of this high place of Christianity, through its history, its architecture, its sculptures, its stained glass windows...

The meeting place is located at the back of the Cathedral, under the great organ.  These visits are free.

During the summer, visits are carried out by young people from "CASA International"

Visits take place usually at the following times, butIt is advisable to ensure visitors by calling beforehand at the reception desk of the Cathedral to the 01 42 34 56 10.

French : from Monday to Friday 14: 00 & 15:00 (except the 1st Friday of the month and Fridays of lent); Saturday & Sunday 2:30; Tuesday 10: 30 a.m.

German: Friday 14 h 00; Saturday 14 h 30
Kostenlos led Besichtigungen: Freitag 14.00; Dienstag 14.30

English : Monday, Tuesday and Saturday at 14:30. Wednesday, Thursday and Friday at 14: 00
Guided visits - free of charge: Monday, Tuesday, Saturday 2.30 pm; Wednesday, Thursday, Freiday 2.00 pm

Spanish: Saturday 14 h 30
Visited guiada gratis: Saturday 14.30

Italian : Thursday 14 h 00
Visited offerta dalla cattedrale: Ogni Thursday alle ore 14: 00

Russian : Tuesday and Wednesday 14 h 00; Saturday 14 h 30

Chinese : first and third Wednesday of the month 14 h 30 and some Sundays 15: 00

Portuguese : Sunday 3 pm
Visita guiada grátis em português : Domingo 15.00

Korean : Monday 10 am, Tuesday 2.30 pm, Saturday 10 am
한국어: 월요일 10 시, 화요일 14 시 30 분, 토요일 10 시


* During the summer, visits are carried out by young people from 'CASA International', schedules are to check by calling the reception desk of the Cathedral to the 01 42 34 56 10.


For groups of visitors

In this place of worship, only rigorous silence of each can ensure conditions conducive to meditation and prayer to all those who come to collect as well as to the smooth running of the offices. That's why the clergy of the Cathedral asked all professional guideswhich explain in detail the iconography of the façade, to accompany their groups inside the Cathedral While respecting the silence that is needed.

Special requests can be sent to


For school groups

Notre Dame de Paris has a Youth home service. This one, made up of volunteers trained by the Cathedral, offers a tour of the building adapted to the age of the visitors. This course, which takes about an hour (or less for children), highlights the Christian message of the Cathedral through the artwork that she is and the works it contains. These tours are offered by the Cathedral, they are free. You can, if you wish, make a donation to the Cathedral to attend the management costs of this Service.

What youth is the Youth Home Service?
-to classes primary education early, especially pay attention to the colors of the rose windows;
-Fifth classes, informed of the medieval society and its architecture;
-Second classes, turning the old literature of the France;
-students of letters, history and tourism schools...
-to the Chaplaincy, youth groups
-any other possibility is an option for all grade levels, from primary school to University.

These visits are by appointment only via the form available by clicking here. They are held during school periods of the Academy of Paris.

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