Practical information

The Cathedral is open every day of the year from 7 h 45 to 18 h 45

(7:15 pm Saturday and Sunday)

The Cathedral Notre Dame de Paris is a Catholic Church.

Admission is free, however no baggage is allowed.

The Cathedral is accessible to people with reduced mobility. 

You will find audio of tour guides at the reception desk in the Cathedral.

Visits available

Every day of the year, tours are available by the Cathedral Notre Dame de Paris and the Association C.A.S.A. (community home in the artistic Sites) in different languages to present the message of spiritual of this high place of Christianity, through its history, its architecture, its sculptures, its stained glass windows...

Group visits

Special tours can be arranged on request.

School visits

Notre Dame de Paris boasts a host of youth service. This one, made up of volunteers trained by the Cathedral, offers a tour of the building adapted to the age of the visitors. This course, which takes about an hour (or less for children), highlights the Christian message of the Cathedral through the artwork that she is and the works it contains. These tours are offered by the Cathedral, they are free.

Plan and details of the visit

A cathedral of art and history


The "treasure of the Cathedral", contains various items of interest, mainly shops parts, liturgical ornaments, old books, items from the former treasure of the Sainte-Chapelle, documents relating to the restoration of the Cathedral in the 19th century and some personalities, including Paul Claudel, which were marked by Notre Dame de Paris.

The towers

The towers of Notre Dame circuit allows to visit all of the high parts of the western façade dated from the 13th century, to contemplate the gargoyles and the chimerical sculptures built by Viollet-le-Duc in the nineteenth century, as well as the drone of the seventeenth century.

The crypt

The archaeological crypt under the square in front of Notre Dame de Paris was built to protect the remains discovered during the excavations starting in 1965, by the Commission of the old Paris (Department of history of Architecture and archaeology). This space has opened its doors in 1980 with for objective the presentation of the elements of the buildings who succeeded on the site of antiquity in the 19th century.

Unusual information

Did you know that there are bees at Notre Dame? Further, discover any unusual information hides the Cathedral!

Light a candle to Our Lady