The liturgy in the Cathedral Church

Center the Cathedral Church, the liturgical life of the diocese

The Cathedral Church is where is placed the cathedra *. the seat of the Bishop, sign of the Magisterium and the power of the pastor of the local church, also sign of the unity of the believers in the faith that announces the Bishop as pastor of his flock. It is in this church that most solemn day the Bishop presides over the liturgy.

The Cathedral Church, by the Majesty of its construction. evokes the spiritual temple that is built internally in the souls and shines the splendor of divine grace, as saint Paul says: You are the temple of the living God ». Finally, we must see in the Cathedral a figure of the visible Church of Christ who, on Earth, upped to God his supplication, his praise and adoration; an image of the mystical body whose members gathered by the charity, which feeds the grace.

The Cathedral Church should be regarded as the center of the liturgical life of the diocese . You instill the faithful by the most appropriate means love and reverence to the Cathedral Church.

Importance of the Episcopal liturgy in the Cathedral Church

The support of the Bishop, as doctor, sanctifier and pastor of his Church is a special glow when he celebrates the liturgy with his people.

That's why all must pay the highest esteem to the liturgical life of the diocese around the Bishop , especially in the Cathedral Church; They must be persuaded that the main event of the Church consists in the plenary, conscious and active participation of all the Holy people of God in the same liturgical celebrations especially in the same Eucharist, in a single prayer, with a single altar where chairs the Bishop surrounded by his presbyterium and his ministers.

The sacred celebrations which chair the Bishop are also the mystery of the Church that Christ makes himself present : it is not a simple pageantry of ceremonies.

In addition, these celebrations should be an example for the whole diocese and highlight the active participation of the people. Thus the community gathered together must take its part by singing, dialogue, silence sacred, inner attention and sacramental participation.

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