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Our Lady of Paris, masterpiece of faith, art and history is the Cathedral of the Catholic Archdiocese of Paris.

It is one of the best-known symbols of the French capital, and the most visited monument of France, in front of the Eiffel Tower.

The Cathedral attracts 12 million faithful, pilgrims and visitors each year. It is the place of great diocesan and national celebrations.




Ask a permission of shooting, shooting, interview

Applications for certification (interview, shooting and shooting) must be made 1 week in advance.

FOR the INTERIOR of the Cathedral: contact the press and communication service:

Cathedral of Notre-Dame de Paris
Service communication
6 parvis Notre-Dame - Place John Paul II
75004 Paris


FOR the OUTSIDE (courtyard) of the Cathedral : request of authorization to the Prefecture of Police.

Prefecture of Police of Paris
Service of the view taken
9 boulevard of the Palace
75004 Paris
Tel: + 33 1 53 71 42 35
Fax: + 33 1 53 71 67 64

FOR THE TOWERS : request of authorization to the commercial tour of the towers of the Cathedral contact the center of National Monuments.




Light a candle to Our Lady