Night white 2010
published on 31/08/2010 in 2010

The Saturday, October 2, 2010 from 20:00 to 5:00

Saturday, October 2, 2010 from 20:00 to 5:00

As every year, Notre Dame de Paris is associated with this initiative of the city of Paris.
During the night, the Cathedral remains accessible to all for several concerts of sacred music by the choirs of the master, the great organ and a light installation by the artist Thierry DREYFUS.

Priests will be available until 1:00 to welcome you, faithful, pilgrims, visitors, in this high place of Christianity, masterpieces of Gothic architecture.
More than a historical monument notre-Dame of Paris is "The House of God and the abode of men", because this building, living by faith and prayer of the faithful, is responsible for the human and Christian experience. This place is a witness of the life of the people of God, of the influence of his charity, his fervent hope.
Since its origins, are living stones, formed by believers, that give it its true existence.



For the 2010 White night, the Cathedral Notre Dame de Paris, at the initiative of the city of Paris, will host a light installation by the artist Thierry DREYFUS.
Light is to inform the South rose and the rose window of the courtyard of the Cathedral from the inside, as well as the stained glass side choir. The light emanating from white spotlights placed inside the Cathedral, is broadcast with a variable intensity like a breath. This facility is seen from the outside and the inside of the Cathedral.


"GIVE ME YOUR SILENCE... n ° 5 ' / '41398.
Working light for more than thirty years, the artist Thierry Dreyfus apprehends her as "a material that doesn't stop on any surface, but is echoed in all volumes. Light whispers, holds or shouts, without affecting our eardrum. For his second participation in the white night - 5 years after highlighting the Grand Palace for its reopening - Thierry Dreyfus invests Notre Dame de Paris to reveal it at night and invite us to look differently at the city. With lightness, slowing down the time.
"At night, urban lighting should provide the city a different landscape than through day. The light, the night, must catch the eye, creating a surprise that becomes obvious as in our dreams, a poetry without Word; lead an intimate way, where the night invites you to appropriate that we look more than day.
By turning off all the lights in our Lady, I wish to make it breathe. Monochrome, United and soothing, the Interior becomes a light lung which vibrates slowly through the stained glass windows, reveals the colors and the presence at the heart of the night. A call to the beauty in the dark; a call to with dream, between the beaches of concert by a composition for solo piano written by Henri Scars Struck.
In contact with this night vision, the memory of our lady will remain, I hope in your eyes. From lelendemain, you will watch it with tenderness, and perhaps regrets... at least, differently.
Thierry Dreyfus

The composition for piano alone Henri Scars Struck, titled "41398" will be broadcast from 22:30 to 3:00.


8 pm: Concert of Gregorian chant and medieval music

More information coming soon...

Master Notre Dame de Paris, Gregorian, medieval Instruments
DIEUDONNÉ Sylvain, direction


21.00: Recital at the great organ of the Cathedral
By students in the classes of organ and Improvisation from the Conservatory National superior of music of Paris.

-Jean Sébastien BACH / Antonio VIVALDI. Concerto in a minor BWV 593
by Friend HOYANO

-Jean Sébastien BACH- Prelude and fugue in g major BWV 541
by Thomas OSPITAL

-Improvisation a Passacaglia
by Samuel LIEGEON

-César FRANCK- Cantabile
by Thomas OSPITAL

-César FRANCK- Heroic piece
by Samuel LIEGEON

-Louis VIERNE- Allegro of the Third Symphony
by Thomas OSPITAL

-Louis VIERNE- Final of the Third Symphony
by Friend HOYANO

-Variations on a popular theme improvisation
by Samuel LIEGEON

-Marcel DUPRE- Procession and Litanies
by Thomas OSPITAL


Sunday, October 3 at 3 h 00: closure of the Cathedral




import-1437.jpgIf the light is among the more intangible items, Thierry Dreyfus manages to capture the essence, then pass it on and share.
Magnifying the Grand Palace for its reopening, it dazzles nearly 500,000 people through a series of bright emotions: "I wanted to inspire the visitors," he added. As such, Suzy Menkes described him in an article in the International Herald Tribune as "the artist" who was able to dress up the city of lights at its true value.

Art Director and artist, Thierry Dreyfus is working since 1985 with the biggest names in the industry of fashion, and push, to their contact, the reflection on the scenography of the parades. Co-produced by Parisian society Eyesight exclusively, these parades are an opportunity to explore new Visual fields and staging light conceptual way. Also, over the years, Thierry Dreyfus has worked with brands such as Dior Homme, Helmut Lang, Calvin Klein, Ann Demeulemeester, Sonia Rykiel, Chloé, Marni, Jil Sander or even Yves Saint Laurent, which he signed the artistic direction of the parade retrospective "haute couture" in 2001.

If he tried to light for the first time in contact with the theatre and opera, he imagines his own stagings since almost twenty years: after you have created a lasting piece for the deposits and consignments Fund, then an installation for the Biennale of Lyon in 2000, it has highlighted the Grand Palais for reopening in 2005. In 2006, he would light up the basins of the Park of the Palace of Versailles before erecting a scale of 80 meters high for the white night within the confines of the national library. The same year, he received the American Hotel Group Starwood a command of two unique facilities on the facades and roofs of the Meridian in Shanghai and San Francisco. In Shanghai, a red beam, symbol of power, vibrated in the city like a heart that beats, while in San Francisco, panels and coloured filters dressed façade; they transformed the vision of the city from the rooms, and created, at night, an organic pace outside.

In the end, whatever the field or the nature of the orders, Thierry Dreyfus storyteller of light. It transforms its ineffable in a body, an emotion, a volume material so that everyone can then project their desires. Light create a link between the space, architecture and the visitor.

In parallel, Thierry Dreyfus imagine lamps that he calls "light elements", of which some were exhibited at the Palais de Tokyo before be prized by collectors. And although his Parisian studio is a high-tech world, we discover the prototype of lamps filled with crystals of salt or neon square section; conducted in 8 copies, they are sold to individuals. In fact, Thierry Dreyfus experimenting with light as others paint or sculpt; like an artist or designer, it seeks now to edit some of its prototypes.

Photographer, he recorded, through as many shots, "tempers of light", intimately convinced that 'light cannot be expressed through words; She speaks not to the intellect. "It is emotion." Today, he works on a portfolio titled "Photography of... Light

Along the way, his art out of the dark, to win the light.


Henri Scars Struck

Henri Scars Struck is a french composer who lives in New York. Inspired by the music, he created and developed a formidable musical catalogue compiling origins and different styles. Its projects are varied and for discs, films or art installations.

With a Grammy, he has worked with artists such as Malcolm McLaren (associate), De La Soul, Rakim, Barry White, Charles Aznavour, and Andy Hughes (The Orb).

It may be noted in his work, pieces for piano during the installations for the nights white Paris 2006 (François Mitterand National Library) and 2007 (Off Versailles), a work of original music from the film 'A Big Road' directed by Alec Tok and produced by Damon Chua (Wong Kar Wai) and 24 hours for hotels Le Meridien (Starwood), which mix natural sounds and the music and instruments of the world presented at the Singapore international film festival. Recently he wrote a work for ballet for the Pilobolus dance company in tribute to Jacques Yves Cousteau.

His work has been cited in publications such as the New York Times, International Herald Tribune, New York Magazine, the world, Fast Company. It is part of the series on the Sundance Channel TV channel called 'New Revolutionaries'.

The piano composition for the installation of Thierry Dreyfus, which airs on Notre Dame de Paris during the white night 2010 (3 to 4 October) is titled "41398.


Sacred to our Lady of Paris music

import-1184.jpgMusic has been an integral part of the life of the Cathedral Notre Dame de Paris. It's even while amounted the vaults in warhead, launched in mid-air to form the choir of the Church, that was born the school of Notre Dame and its large polyphonies. The audacity of the builders of cathedrals as the musicians answered. Since then, the musical tradition of Notre Dame de Paris is maintained at the highest level and each generation has come to contribute to the prestigious building of the musical history of the Cathedral.

Conscious of this centuries-old heritage of the national and international outreach activities and the excellence of the training provided by the master's Notre Dame de Paris, the State, the city of Paris and the Diocesan Association of Paris decided joint-Department in 1991 creating the sacred music at Notre Dame de Paris association.

Responsible for the artistic and administrative coordination of all the musical aspects of the Cathedral, sacred music at Notre Dame de Paris has for essential missions music teaching and the training of singers, the music of worship of the Cathedral, the Organization of concerts and auditions, musicological research around the heritage of Notre Dame de Paris, dissemination and creation music.

A vocal and instrumental feature very complete is implemented in the service of these missions. The central element is the master's Notre Dame de Paris, composed of several sets (choir of children, young set), adults in vocational training, all Gregorian choir, which is addition occasionally Baroque or symphonic orchestras. The grand organ, the choir organ and organists who are attached team are also major players.

Season of concerts, organ of the Sunday afternoon hearing, hospitality every year 50 choirs from around the world, as well as the daily presence of music at Notre Dame de Paris, testify a requirement of musical quality in harmony with the unique vocation of this place.

Find all concerts of the 2010-2011 season by clicking here.

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