The Cathedral of Notre-Dame de Paris is undoubtedly one of the most emblematic monuments of France, an essential milestone in the history of Gothic architecture, a masterpiece that has been able to traverse history. It is today the most visited monument of France: Each year, more than 14 million visitors cross the portals of this high place of Christendom.

Rescued by the architects of the Duke and Lassus after a gigantic restoration campaign between 1844 and 1864, the cathedral is preserved, restored, but also, in the line of its builders, transformed, anchored in its time, as evidenced by the stained glass windows of the nave replaced in 1967, the redevelopment of the liturgical space in 2004 or the new Bells in 2013.

The last major restoration, which dates back to the 1990s, concerned the Western massif and allowed the façade to regain its splendour.

If this façade is resplendent, this is not the case for the other exterior parts of the building. Severe degradation today (gargoyles fall, pinnacles ruin ...) are the result of a slow process that no longer saves any part of the cathedral. The state of Notre-Dame cathedral is in fact now at a stage where its structures will soon no longer play their part and threaten the very stability of the monument, not to mention the definitive loss of carved decorations.

Similarly, the furniture elements (tables, sculptures, treasures, bells, organ ...), which constitute a unique and precious ensemble and which for some have retained an intensive liturgical use, must be maintained and periodically restored by highly qualified specialists, holders of unique and secular know-how.

It is now urgent to act for the sustainability of this heritage. If the state owner and the receiving are aware of it, it is also our duty to alert national and international public opinion in order to seek assistance through calls for donations.

So we decided to create a fund in France with the foundation for the future of heritage in Paris, and in the United States, we proceeded to create a foundation of American law: "Friends of Notre-Dame de Paris".

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Pour faire un don par chèque, à l’ordre de « Fonds Notre-Dame de Paris », merci de l’adresser à :

Cathédrale Notre-Dame de Paris – Mécénat

6, Parvis Notre-Dame

75004 Paris

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