The Rector Archpriest

3I7A2795_Yannick BOSCHATBorn October 11, 1951, Patrick CHAMBERS is ordained a priest of the diocese of Paris in 1980 by cardinal François MARTY. Professor of french, latin and Greek from 1972 to 1975 and the institution of Holy Cross in Neuilly, or after his ordination, he became chaplain.
He was appointed in September 1984 Director of the Seminary of Saint-Sulpice at Issy-les. Professor of theology, he formed laypeople and religious in the cathedral school of Paris.

He was appointed in 1995 Rector of the Basilica of the sacred heart of Montmartre, load, which he left in September 1999, following his appointment as episcopal Vicar for Catholic teaching. He was also appointed superior of the school Saint-Jean de Passy.

In September 2002, he was appointed pastor of the parish of Saint-Honoré of Eylau. (16th arrondissement).

September 1, 2003, he became vicar general of the Diocese of Paris by cardinal Jean-Marie LUSTIGER.

In October 2008, he became parish priest of the parish of St. Francis Xavier (7th District).

Since 2011, he is Dean of the chapter of the Cathedral Notre Dame de Paris, to the Holy see to Unesco for educational issues expert, Professor at the College of Bernardine.

September 1, 2016, he became rector-Archpriest of the Cathedral Notre Dame de Paris.

January 14, 2017, the Holy Father named him Consultor of the Congregation for divine worship and the discipline of the sacraments.

He is the author of close to 30 theological books. The latest publications are «» Lent «and «» Joy of the forgiven sinner: confession »

His latest book, «» Letter to a young person who is thinking about the priesthood', has been published to the word and Silence editions.

Mgr. Baldt gave his lectures at the Cathedral on Sundays at 17h:

His next lectures on the theme « Georges Bernanos, A prophet for our time ':


Upcoming Conferences: 

  • Sunday 16/09/2018: My soul thirsts for the Living God
  • Sunday 23/09/2018: Entering the mystery
  • Sunday 30/09/2018: Remain in the mystery
  • Sunday 07/10/2018: The Liturgical reform
  • Sunday 14/10/2018: Entering the act of offering of Christ


  • Sunday 02/12/2018: The conversion of Claudel seen by himself
  • Sunday 09/12/2018: Midi sharing
  • Sunday 16/12/2018: The announcement made to Mary


  • Sunday 13/01/2019: all Called to holiness
  • Sunday 20/01/2019: The Program of holiness: the Beatitudes
  • Sunday 27/01/2019: Being holy in union with the Trinity
  • Sunday 03/02/2019: being holy through reconciliation
  • Sunday 10/02/2019: Being holy through spiritual warfare
  • Sunday 17/02/2019: Being holy thanks to the Holy Spirit


  • Sunday 12/05/2019: Mary the Immaculate
  • Sunday 19/05/2019: Mary, our mother
  • Sunday 26/05/2019: Marie Reine

Conference on Saint Teresa of the child-Jesus:

Pictures taken at his mass of installation on September 11, 2016 (c) Y. BOSCHAT

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Homily from Sunday, June 10, 2018

    The whole life of Christ is a great fight against the Prince of this world.  But who is this Satan?  Some say it does not exist!  God, just look at our world to see that it is still acting.  The greatest ruse of this fallen angel is to unmake believe that it does not exist. The Word of God, on this I0ème Sunday of ordinary time, enlightens us on the methods of the Prince of this world.  First of all the book of Genesis: The author shows us that the tempter is only a liar.  Indeed, all temptation lies in a lie.  Satan has made Adam and Eve believe that they can be like gods by their own strength, by eating forbidden fruit.  In God's project, man was created in the image of God and thus called to become like God, but by sheer grace.  So the devil is there to blur the cue points;  We see it today in our society, which has lost common sense!  People are lost and no longer able to discern good from evil. Let us be wary of expressions: "Everybody does it";  "We have to evolve well"... Our discernment criterion is not the general opinion, often poorly enlightened;  It is the word of God and the teaching of the Magisterium of the church that enlighten us. In the Gospel, Jesus shows how man gets tied up.  Indeed, we know the chain of sin.  The demon is a seducer;  We sin and we take a liking to it.  Sin leads to another sin and that is how we lose our freedom.  In our vocabulary, we would say he became addicted or addicted.  Sin becomes instinctual.  When you play with fire, you burn!  But Christ to add: "All will be forgiven to the children of men: their sins and the blasphemies they will have uttered."  » How to find our freedom?  Precisely by asking regularly for the forgiveness of the Lord.  Let's not forget it.  God never gets tired of forgiving us! There is also prayer and fasting;  Christ reminds us that this is how we hunt demons.  There are also the nights of prayer not to enter into temptation. And it seems to me that we must have the courage to make a spiritual decision!  The spiritual struggle begins here.  Our will is wounded by sin: we want to get out of it;  But do we really want to?  It's all in the really. Fortunately Saint Paul in his second letter to the Corinthians reminds us "that the inner man is renewed every day." It is the Holy Spirit with its seven gifts that strengthens our inner being.  We forget it too often in our spiritual struggle. Finally Christ gives us as an example his mother, "the one who does the will of God." This is the orientation of our being towards the source, for which we have been created. That is the essence of freedom.  If you are rooted in this source, then you are posing acts that will make you grow;  The one who is no longer oriented towards the source, poses acts, but it often slips at the last moment!  As Saint Paul says: "I do not do the good that I want and I do the evil that I do not want."  is free, he who puts his steps in those of Christ to be listening to the word and obey the father.  For men, it is a paradox, for the disciple, this is the way of happiness;  Obedience to God is the most beautiful way of freedom.

    Light a candle to Our Lady